Plate Tectonics Quiz Question with Answer

11. Plates continually move a little bit each year

  1. theory of plate tectonics
  2. theory of relativity
  3. law of superposition
  4. law of newton

12. Plates move on the surface of the Earth because of

  1. megma melting
  2. hotspot
  3. convention
  4. convection

13. Tectonics plates float on the .................

  1. outer core
  2. Inner core
  3. asthenosphere or mantle
  4. lithosphere

14. The in the asthenosphere is described as a giant conveyor belt.

  1. magma
  2. convection
  3. spinning
  4. lithosphere

15. The 12,000 mile long chain of underwater mountains that formed at a divergent boundary is

  1. Mid-Pacific Ridge
  2. Mid-Atlantic Ridge
  3. Seafloor Spreading
  4. Subduction

16. The border between two tectonic plates

  1. boundary
  2. border
  3. fault
  4. joint

17. The boundary where two plates come together

  1. transform
  2. convergent
  3. divergent
  4. all of the above

18. The boundary where two plates pull apart

  1. convergent
  2. transform
  3. divergent
  4. none of the above

19. The boundary where two plates slide past each other

  1. convergent
  2. uplift
  3. divergent
  4. transform

20. The evidence that rocks closer to mid ocean ridges are younger than rocks farther away supports the theory of:

  1. sea floor spreading
  2. subduction
  3. plate tectonics
  4. Big Bang theory

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