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Precipitation Quiz Question with Answer

1. A measure of the amount of water vapor in the air is called?

  1. Evaporation
  2. Precipitation
  3. Condensation
  4. Humidity

2. Cooled (condensed) droplets of water will come together to form

  1. Snow
  2. Cloud
  3. Hail
  4. Sleet

3. Frontal Rain is caused by

  1. Convection currents
  2. Winds from sea
  3. Cyclonic activity
  4. Condensation of water evaporated from mountains

4. Had there been equator in place of the Tropic of cancer in India, the change caused in climate would be

  1. High temperature and low rainfall
  2. Low temperature and high rainfall
  3. High temperature and high rainfall
  4. Low temperature and low rainfall

5. Hails are the falling of

  1. water
  2. lumps
  3. vapors
  4. rain

6. If a small raindrop falls through air

  1. Its velocity goes on increasing
  2. Its velocity goes on decreasing
  3. Its velocity goes on increasing for some time and then becomes constant
  4. It falls with constant speed for some time and then its velocity increases

7. In mid-latitudes, convective precipitation is associated with

  1. Cold fronts
  2. Squall lines
  3. Warm fronts in very moist air
  4. All the above

8. In which region does rainfall occur throughout the year?

  1. Equatorial region
  2. Polar region
  3. Sub-polar region
  4. Middle-Latitude region

9. Rainshadow effect is associated with

  1. Cyclonic rainfall
  2. Orographic rainfall
  3. Convectional rainfall
  4. Frontal rainfall

10. The constant movement of water between Earth and the atmosphere is called the

  1. Water Cycle
  2. Precipitation
  3. Humidity
  4. Sleet

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