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Mineral Resources Quiz Question with Answer

1. A mineral that occurs in veins is

  1. Iron
  2. Copper
  3. Gold
  4. Silver

2. Among the following countries, which one is a major producer of Wolfram (tungsten ore)?

  1. Australia
  2. China
  3. Indonesia
  4. Russia

3. Bolivia is an important producer of ?

  1. Iron
  2. Tin
  3. Cocoa
  4. Oil

4. In which one of the following countries the iron mining centre called Skuthorpe located?

  1. France
  2. Germany
  3. Sweden
  4. United Kingdom

5. In which one of the following mountain ranges of South Africa, are the worlds greatest goldfields located?

  1. Roggeveldberg
  2. Groot Swartberg
  3. Witwatersrand
  4. Drakensberg

6. In which one of the following regions is maximum amount of worlds phosphate produced ?

  1. Northern Africa
  2. Northern Europe
  3. North America
  4. Northern Australia

7. Krivory Rog, Kerch peninsula, Magnitogorsk are major producers of .......... in CIS

  1. Coal
  2. Magnesium
  3. Copper
  4. Iron Ore

8. Main income of Bolivia depends on the export of

  1. Zinc
  2. Tin
  3. Copper
  4. Lead

9. Minerals associated with granite and igneous rock are

  1. Gold, silver etc.
  2. Manganese, lead etc.
  3. Iron ore and zinc etc.
  4. Copper and lead

10. Minerals associated with sedimentary rocks are

  1. Magnesium and potassium
  2. Graphite and sulphur
  3. Mica and Asbestos
  4. Coal and oil

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