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Landforms MCQs questions answers

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Embark on a journey of discovery with our MCQ Trivia questions and answers on landforms. Delve into the diverse terrain of our planet, from towering mountains to expansive plains, as you test your knowledge of geological features. Explore the formation processes behind iconic landforms such as valleys, plateaus, and coastlines, and learn about the forces of nature that shape the Earth's surface. Our quizzes cover a wide range of topics, including the classification of landforms, their characteristics, and the role they play in shaping landscapes and ecosystems. Whether you're a geography enthusiast, a student of earth sciences, or simply curious about the world around you, our MCQ Trivia quizzes offer an engaging and educational experience. Join us as we unravel the mysteries of landforms and deepen your understanding of the natural wonders that adorn our planet.

Landforms Questions with Answers

1. A landform developed by the process of deposition occurring towards the centre of intermontane basins in arid or semi-arid regions is know as

2. Alluvial cone is predominant in

3. Alluvium shows

4. Aretes are sharp ridges which develop between the adjacent

5. Boulder clay is a feature associated with which one following

6. Boulder fields or felsenmeer are

7. Calcium carbonate carbonate-saturated called

8. Caledonian orogenic movements are related to the geological history of

9. Define Intermotane plateau

10. Diorite is an example of

11. Drift plains are formed by the action of

12. Eskers are of glacio-fluvial origin. Which one of the following statements characterize them

13. Fiords are very typical of the

14. Flood plains are called so, mainly because

15. Give the name of the up folded rock

16. How is the amount of horizontal displacement in a normal fault called

17. How is the rectilinear drainage pattern formed where two sets of structural controls occur at right angles, termed

18. How much of the Earths land surface is desert

19. Ice cap is applied to

20. Mountain of accumulation is the name given to

21. Pediplains occur in

22. Peneplains are formed by

23. Peneplains are formed by

24. Plains formed by Aeolian deposits are called

25. Playas are depressions formed due to

26. Questa form plain is formed by

27. Residual hill in the desert region is known as

28. Rift Valley or grabin is the result of

29. Rift Valleys are formed due to

30. Sedimentary rocks are also called as

31. Sequential lend forms occur

32. Shields belong to

33. Solution of rocks is dominant in

34. State of main activity associated with the fold mountains

35. The Andes mountain range is an example of

36. The depositional feature, formed due to the coalescence of several alluvial cones in an arid region is called

37. The main difference between paternoster lake and tarn is that paternoster lake is

38. The plain formed due to coalescence of series of alluvial fans in the piedmont zone is known as

39. The term truncated spur is associated with whicl of the following

40. Thrust fault is caused by

41. Under normal conditions, which one of the following is the correct sequential developments of features made by fluvial action

42. What are Gosynclines

43. What is geomorphology

44. What is the Exfoliation

45. When does escarpment develop

46. When river is overloaded with fine sediments and river water is lighter than the seawater, which type of delta is formed

47. Which of the following is a volcanic plateau

48. Which of the following is piedmont plateau?

49. Which of the following produced by glaciers

50. Which one among the following is the largest temperate desert of the world


Multiple Choice Questions and Answers on Landforms

Landforms Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

Landforms Trivia Quiz

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