Plate Tectonics Quiz Question with Answer

21. The giant landmass where all continents were connected

  1. Gondwana
  2. Pangaea
  3. Pandwana
  4. Laurasia

22. The Hawaiian Islands are an example

  1. vacation destination
  2. hotspot
  3. convergent boundary
  4. transform boundary

23. The layer that supports and moves the tectonic plates is

  1. aesthenosphere
  2. core
  3. lithosphere
  4. crust

24. The lithosphere is part of the

  1. mantle
  2. core
  3. crust
  4. asthenosphere

25. The oldest crust (rocks) are found ................. the mid-ocean ridge.

  1. farthest
  2. nearest
  3. along
  4. away

26. The partly-melted lower mantle is called:

  1. magma
  2. the lithosphere
  3. the core
  4. the asthenosphere

27. The process of one plate sliding under another plate at a convergent boundary is

  1. transformation
  2. convection
  3. subduction
  4. seafloor spreading

28. The theory of plate tectonics combine which two other theories?

  1. sea floor spreading and continental drift
  2. sea floor spreading and tidal theory
  3. continental drift and fossil theory
  4. continental drift and Big Bang theory

29. The youngest crust( rocks) are found ................. the mid-ocean ridge.

  1. farthest
  2. nearest
  3. along
  4. away

30. This process makes new crust at the bottom of the ocean at a divergent boundary

  1. Mid-Atlantic Ridge
  2. Seafloor Spreading
  3. Hotspot
  4. Subduction

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