Water Resources MCQs Quiz Multiple Choice Questions & Answers

Water Resources MCQs questions answers

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Dive into the vital realm of water resources with our extensive collection of multiple-choice questions and answers! Explore the intricate dynamics of water management, conservation practices, hydrological cycles, and global water issues. Whether you're an environmental enthusiast, a student of hydrology, or simply curious about the world's most precious resource, our Water Resources MCQs page offers an engaging and educational experience. Test your knowledge, deepen your understanding, and discover solutions to pressing water challenges through our thought-provoking quizzes. Visit ObjectiveQuiz.com now to embark on a journey toward water stewardship and sustainability.

Water Resources Questions with Answers

1. Precipitation, surface run off and ground water are the sources of

2. Fresh water is being renewed through

3. Who proclaimed dams as the "temples of modern India"?

4. By which year India will join the countries having absolute water scarcity?

5. A barrier across flowing water that obstructs, directs or retards the flow, often creating a reservoir, lake or impoundment is referred to as

6. Rapid increase in the population, intensive industrialization and urbanization are some of the main regions of

7. The main objective of rain water harvesting is?

8. How much of the earth surface is covered with water?

9. Which of the following is not the cause of water scarcity?

10. Which of the following is not an adverse effect of dams

11. In India the Highest dam is

12. In the question given below there are two types of statements assertion (A) and Reason(R) Read the statement and choose the correct option:
Assertion (A): Dams are called multipurpose projects
Reason (R) : Dams are now built not only for irrigation but for generation of electricity, water supply for domestic use, flood control, recreation inland navigation and fish - breeding Options:

13. Which of the following statements is not in favor of multipurpose river projects?

14. Which of the following is not a method of water harvesting used in Rajasthan?

15. Which state has made roof top Rain water harvesting structure compulsory to all house across the state?

16. One which of the following rivers Tehri Dam is constructed?


Multiple Choice Questions and Answers on Water Resources

Water Resources Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

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