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Meteorology Quiz Question with Answer

1. A cT air mass is:

  1. cold and dry
  2. cold and humid
  3. warm and dry
  4. warm and humid

2. A cumulus cloud is recognized mainly by its

  1. obvious vertical dimension
  2. darkness or color
  3. precipitation
  4. layered structure

3. A parcel of air has a temperature of 0OC as it crosses a mountain range at 3000 meters. If it descends, what will its temperature be when it reaches sea level?

  1. 15 degree Celcius
  2. 30 degree Celcius
  3. 0 degree Celcius
  4. 40OC

4. A stable atmosphere is one in which

  1. air layers are at their lowest elevations
  2. temperatures are adiabatic
  3. vertical motions are resisted
  4. clouds are forming

5. A tornado is a small, very intense example of the

  1. cyclone
  2. anticyclone
  3. coriolis effect
  4. geostrophic wind

6. A warm front is said to exist when

  1. warm and cold air meet
  2. invading cold air pushes underneath warmer air
  3. moving cold air overrides warmer air
  4. advancing warm air overrides retreating cold air

7. Adiabatic processes are only important for air

  1. which is rising or sinking
  2. that is stagnant

8. After a cold front passes, which of these does not usually occur?

  1. marked temperature drop
  2. wind direction shift
  3. clearing skies
  4. falling barometer

9. An adiabatic process is one in which the

  1. altitude of the air parcel remains constant
  2. heat exchanged with the surroundings is zero
  3. pressure on the air parcel remains constant
  4. temperature remains constant

10. An air mass from the Gulf of Mexico is called:

  1. cP
  2. mP
  3. cT
  4. mT

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