Evolution MCQ Questions and Answers Quiz

31. The tracking of evolutionary history of organisms is

  1. ontogeny
  2. phylogeny
  3. analogy
  4. homology

32. Who performed this famous experiment to prove origin of life ?

  1. Oparin and Haldane
  2. Spallanzani and Pasteur
  3. Urey and Miller
  4. Fox and Pasteu

33. One of the oldest, best preserved and most complete hominid fossil commonly known as Lucy belongs to the genus

  1. Oreopithecus
  2. Dryopithecus
  3. Pithecanthropus
  4. Australopithecus

34. The primitive cell-like colloidal particles capable of growth and division were

  1. prokaryotes
  2. coacervates
  3. eobionts
  4. chemoautotrophs

35. The Jurassic period belongs to which era ?

  1. proterozoic
  2. archezoic
  3. mesozoic
  4. cenozoic

36. What is ethnobotany ?

  1. Relationship between primitive plants and people
  2. Study to soil
  3. Cultivation of flower yielding plants
  4. Use of plants and their parts

37. The stage for the evolution of autotrophs was set with the evolution of

  1. RNA
  2. DNA
  3. ozone
  4. chlorophyll

38. Which of the following leads to evolution ?

  1. Separation of species leading to evolution
  2. Differentiation of species
  3. Loss of few advanced characters
  4. Differentiation and adaption of species as unique entities

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