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Ancient Egypt Questions with Answers

1. Besides providing a stable food diet, what other advantage did Egypts location provide for early Egyptians?

2. Im an important female pharaoh of the New Kingdom who expanded trade and built monuments.

3. Name the worlds earliest form of paper that was invented by the Egyptians.

4. Pyramids are

5. Ramses the Great is best remembered

6. The Egyptians developed a type of government in which rule is based on religious authority of the pharaoh

7. The Nile River flows through two important regions in Egypt called

8. The Nile River Valley was well suited for settlement. Which of the following statements supports this fact?

9. The Rosetta Stone was important because

10. Tutankamun(King Tut) is a well-known pharaoh because

11. What job employed the most people in Egypt?

12. What was the purpose of the pyramids in ancient Egypt?

13. Which of the following beliefs was central to Egyptian religion?

14. Which of the following best defines dynasty?

15. Which of the following best describes how Egyptian civilization developed?

16. Which statement best describes the burial practices of Egyptians?

17. Who would the people of Egypt blame if crops did not grow or if disease struck?

18. Whose tomb, discovered in 1922, taught us much about Egyptian burial practices and beliefs?

19. Why was Hammurabis Code important?

20. Why were tombs filled with art, jewelry, and other treasures?


Multiple Choice Questions and Answers on Ancient Egypt

Ancient Egypt Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

Ancient Egypt Trivia Quiz

Ancient Egypt Question and Answer PDF Online

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