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Ancient Egypt Question with Answer

1. Besides providing a stable food diet, what other advantage did Egypts location provide for early Egyptians?

  1. It had temples in which to worship.
  2. It had Sumerian artwork to use as decoration.
  3. It had natural barriers to protect against invaders.
  4. It had two dynasties to celebrate religious traditions.

2. Im an important female pharaoh of the New Kingdom who expanded trade and built monuments.

  1. Hatshepsut
  2. Tutankamun
  3. Cleopatra
  4. Ramses, the Great

3. Name the worlds earliest form of paper that was invented by the Egyptians.

  1. Papyrus
  2. Cuneiform
  3. Hieroglyphics
  4. Bone Script

4. Pyramids are

  1. warehouses where surplus food is stored.
  2. temples where the people are allowed to come and pray.
  3. stone tombs with four rectangle-shaped sides that join a limestone roof.
  4. royal tombs with four triangle-shaped sides that meet in a point on top.

5. Ramses the Great is best remembered

  1. for his ability as an artist.
  2. as a great scribe.
  3. for his untimely death at the hands of Ahmose.
  4. as a great warrior and builder.

6. The Egyptians developed a type of government in which rule is based on religious authority of the pharaoh

  1. Polytheism
  2. Theocracy
  3. Democracy
  4. Monarchy

7. The Nile River flows through two important regions in Egypt called

  1. Upper Egypt and Lower Egypt.
  2. Mesopotami
  3. Eastern Egypt and Western Egypt.
  4. Nubia and Cairo.

8. The Nile River Valley was well suited for settlement. Which of the following statements supports this fact?

  1. The geography supported various desert plants and birds.
  2. The geography included many areas for hunters to hunt widely.
  3. The geography included areas for farming.
  4. The geography helped to unify the country.

9. The Rosetta Stone was important because

  1. It is a unique artifact.
  2. It had Greek, Cuneiform, and Egyptian writing on it.
  3. It led to the decoding of Hieroglyphics.
  4. It represented peace.

10. Tutankamun(King Tut) is a well-known pharaoh because

  1. he lived a long life.
  2. he was a revolutionary thinker.
  3. his tomb was discovered intact.
  4. he was a great scribe.

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