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The Rise of Nationalism in Europe Quiz Question with Answer

1. A nation-state , according to the French philosopher, Ernst Renan, was formed by

  1. Acommon language, race, religion or territory
  2. A nation with a shared history or descent, of endeavours, sacrifice and devotion , wish to perform still more greatdeeds together.
  3. A large scale solidarity, its existence a daily plebiscite.
  4. Both b and c.

2. Frederic Sorrieu, a French artist in his series of four prints (1948) visualized his dream of a world as :

  1. A world made up of one nation one world.
  2. A world made up of democratic and social republics.
  3. A world with one absolute ruler
  4. A world following one religion, one language

3. German philosopher, Johann Gottfried clamined that true German culture was to be discovered among the:

  1. Common people
  2. Aristocratic
  3. Middle class elite
  4. None of above

4. Giuseppe Mazzini was

  1. an Italian revolutionary born in Rome in 1810
  2. a Corsican born in Genoa in 1807
  3. an Italian born in Genoa in1807
  4. an Italian painter born in Genoa in 1810.

5. In politics liberalism emphasized

  1. end of autocracy and clerical privileges, a constitution and a representative government through parliament.
  2. The inviolability of private property.
  3. The right to vote.
  4. Both a and b.

6. Liberalism meant to the new middle classes

  1. political freedom for them.
  2. Freedom of the individual and equality of all before law.
  3. End of aristocracy.
  4. New political rights.

7. Liberal-nationalits mainly belong to which class?

  1. Elite class
  2. Educated middle-class elite
  3. Working class
  4. Artisans

8. Name one kind of revolt that started in Europe in 1848.

  1. linguistic revolt in Germany.
  2. Artisans,industrial workers and peasants revolted against economic hardships.
  3. Revolt against monarchy in Switzerland.
  4. Revolt for freedom in Greece.

9. Name the Italian revolutionary from Genoa.

  1. Metternich
  2. Johann Gottfried
  3. Giuseppe Mazzini
  4. None of these

10. Nationalism brought about in Europe the emergence of:

  1. The Nation State
  2. The modern state
  3. Multinational Dynastic state
  4. Alliances formed among many European states.

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Multiple Choice Questions and Answers on The Rise of Nationalism in Europe

The Rise of Nationalism in Europe Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

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