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Evolution MCQs questions answers

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MCQ quiz on Evolution multiple choice questions and answers on Evolution MCQ questions quiz on Evolution objectives questions with answer test pdf for interview preparations, freshers jobs and competitive exams.

Evolution Questions with Answers

1. The age of rock is calculated on the basis of

2. Closest primate to man is

3. Human evolution actually started in

4. Anaerobic photosynthetic bacteria appeared on the earth about

5. The surface temperature of the sun is

6. Apes share ............... blood groups with man

7. The earth like other planets formed from

8. Leakey and Leakey discovered the fossils of

9. The era called age of prokaryotic microbes is

10. Evidences of evolutionary relationships is found in

11. Present age of human known as

12. Peking man is known as

13. Which one of the following ancestors of man first time showed bipedal movement?

14. Mesozoic era is called golden period of

15. The first photoautotroph organisms were

16. Mega evolution is

17. Who was the first civilized man ?

18. Evolution and natural selection is demonstrated by

19. The first formed organism (riboorganism) used only ................. for catalyzing reactions.

20. The doctrine of evolution is concerned with

21. Piltdown man is

22. Human being belongs to the species of

23. An important evidence in favour of organic evolution is the occurence of

24. Alternative forms of a gene are called

25. Retrogressive evolution is shown by

26. The most recent in human evolution is

27. Which of the following are kingdoms?

28. The first organism to be found on a bare rock is a (an)

29. The first man to use fire was

30. According to abiogenesis life originate from

31. The tracking of evolutionary history of organisms is

32. Who performed this famous experiment to prove origin of life ?

33. One of the oldest, best preserved and most complete hominid fossil commonly known as Lucy belongs to the genus

34. The primitive cell-like colloidal particles capable of growth and division were

35. The Jurassic period belongs to which era ?

36. What is ethnobotany ?

37. The stage for the evolution of autotrophs was set with the evolution of

38. Which of the following leads to evolution ?


Multiple Choice Questions and Answers on Evolution

Evolution Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

Evolution Trivia Quiz

Evolution Question and Answer PDF Online

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