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Evolution Question with Answer

1. The age of rock is calculated on the basis of

  1. types of fossils present
  2. number of strata present
  3. amount of uranium present
  4. none above

2. Closest primate to man is

  1. gorilla
  2. rhesus monkey
  3. orangutan
  4. lemur

3. Human evolution actually started in

  1. France
  2. America
  3. Central Asia
  4. Africa

4. Anaerobic photosynthetic bacteria appeared on the earth about

  1. 500 million years ago
  2. 1500 million years ago
  3. 2500 million years ago
  4. 3500 million years ago

5. The surface temperature of the sun is

  1. 6000 degree Centgrade
  2. 9000 degree Centgrade
  3. 1000 degree Centgrade
  4. 10,000 degree Centgrade

6. Apes share ............... blood groups with man

  1. A, B, AB
  2. A, B, O
  3. AB, O
  4. A and B only

7. The earth like other planets formed from

  1. aggregates of uranium
  2. cloud of gas and dust
  3. division of pre-exiting planets
  4. collisions of meteorites

8. Leakey and Leakey discovered the fossils of

  1. apeman
  2. erect man
  3. Peking man
  4. the tool maker

9. The era called age of prokaryotic microbes is

  1. archaezoic
  2. precambrian
  3. phaenerozoic
  4. proterizoic

10. Evidences of evolutionary relationships is found in

  1. atmosphere
  2. fossils
  3. ocean beds
  4. rocks

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