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Ancient China Questions with Answers

1. According to Confucius, what is the foundation, whence all other virtues spring?

2. At the end of the Han dynasty in A.D. 221, the population of China had

3. How did Qin Shihuangdi eliminate possible rivals and gain an important tax base?

4. How was the central bureaucracy of the Qin dynasty organized?

5. How were government officials chosen in the Han dynasty?

6. The Legalists believed that a strong ruler was needed to

7. The words The universe is sacre, you cannot improve it. If you try to change it, you will ruin it.reflect the beliefs of which philosophy?

8. was not made in Europe until the twelfth century

9. What was the effect of the technical advancements in the Han dynasty?

10. Which of the following statements about Confucianism, Daoism, and Legalism is true?

11. Which of the following territories were added to the empire during the Han dynasty?

12. Which of the following was a factor in peasant uprisings in the late Han dynasty?

13. Which of the following were factors that helped Qin Shihuangdi unify China economically and geographically?

14. Who added the territory south of the Chang Jiang to the empire

15. Who were the Xiongnu?

16. Whose helped enable Chinese trade in Southeast Asia and India

17. Why did Qin Shihuangdi have a canal dug from the Chang Jiang to Guangzhou?

18. Why did the Legalists advocate harsh laws and stiff punishments for keeping public order?

19. wrote biographies that combined political and social history


Multiple Choice Questions and Answers on Ancient China

Ancient China Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

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