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Ancient China Question with Answer

1. According to Confucius, what is the foundation, whence all other virtues spring?

  1. being from an aristocratic family
  2. the duty of children to revere their parents
  3. an understanding of the spiritual world
  4. the willingness to work hard and get an education

2. At the end of the Han dynasty in A.D. 221, the population of China had

  1. increased by 40 million since A.D. 2
  2. stayed the same as it had been in A.D. 2
  3. decreased by 40 million since A.D. 2
  4. decreased by 10 million since A.D. 2

3. How did Qin Shihuangdi eliminate possible rivals and gain an important tax base?

  1. He forced all the sons of wealthy landowners to join his army but allowed their families to pay large bribes to get them out of military service.
  2. He made wealthy families pay a bribe so that their sons could have powerful roles in his government.
  3. He put his soldiers on the roads between the estates of wealthy landowners and made them pay heavy tolls to travel on them.
  4. He seized the estates of wealthy landowners and gave the lands to the peasants; he then taxed the peasants.

4. How was the central bureaucracy of the Qin dynasty organized?

  1. There were 5 divisions: one for each of the five provinces.
  2. There were 4 divisions: judicial, military, religious, and agricultural.
  3. There were 3 divisions: civil, military, and censorate.
  4. There were 2 divisions: one for the urban areas and one for the rural areas

5. How were government officials chosen in the Han dynasty?

  1. by lottery
  2. by birth
  3. by military service
  4. by a competitive examination

6. The Legalists believed that a strong ruler was needed to

  1. show compassion
  2. support Daoism
  3. keep order
  4. maintain good trade relations with other empires

7. The words The universe is sacre, you cannot improve it. If you try to change it, you will ruin it.reflect the beliefs of which philosophy?

  1. ethics
  2. Confucianism
  3. Daoism
  4. Legalism

8. was not made in Europe until the twelfth century

  1. glass
  2. paper
  3. steel
  4. clothes

9. What was the effect of the technical advancements in the Han dynasty?

  1. a general increase in economic prosperity
  2. national self-sufficiency that led to a decrease in trade
  3. more people with free time to study religion
  4. a general decrease in economic prosperity

10. Which of the following statements about Confucianism, Daoism, and Legalism is true?

  1. All three philosophies preach the value of working hard to create a better life on Earth.
  2. They all seek to understand humanitys relationship with the divine.
  3. All three philosophies assume that people are essentially good.
  4. They are primarily concerned with the material world and social stability.

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