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Ancient Greece Quiz Question with Answer

1. Alexanders empire did not grow any larger because

  1. his generals began fighting for power
  2. his soldiers wanted to return home.
  3. the Hindu Kush defeated him
  4. he reached all his goals.

2. Most of what we know about Socrates comes from the writing of

  1. Socrates himself
  2. Hippocrates
  3. Pericles
  4. Plato

3. Spartan society revolved around training for war because

  1. warfare was their favorite activity.
  2. Spartans feared slave rebellions.
  3. Spartans wanted to dominate the entire Mediterranean world.
  4. Spartans believed they could not achieve immortality without proving their bravery in battle.

4. The city-state of Sparta was characterized by

  1. democratic institutions.
  2. an emphasis on temple worship.
  3. an emphasis on warfare.
  4. dependence upon the sea.

5. This pair of people were some of the first historians in Ancient Greece

  1. Thucydides and Herodotus
  2. Thucydides and Sophocles
  3. Pericles and Socrates
  4. Thucydides and Aristophanes

6. What major civilization that came soon after the Greeks was greatly influenced by the Greek culture?

  1. Romans
  2. Egyptians
  3. Assyrians
  4. Persians

7. What toy was invented by the Greeks that many children still play with today?

  1. Slinky
  2. Kites
  3. Marbles
  4. Yo-yo

8. What was the primary focus of much of the culture of the city of Athens?

  1. War and fighting
  2. Athletics and competition
  3. Art and Education
  4. Power and Conquest

9. What was the primary focus of much of the culture of the city of Sparta?

  1. Food and celebration
  2. Music and literature
  3. Painting and sculpture
  4. War and fighting

10. What were the two main city states of Ancient Greece?

  1. Roma and Alexandria
  2. Corinth and Olympia
  3. Sparta and Athens
  4. Thebes and Argos

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