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Second World War Quiz Question with Answer

1. In the 1930s, a main reason for the failure of peace in Europe was that

  1. Great Britain and France sought to revise the Treaty of Versailles
  2. the United Nations was not supported by its member nations
  3. the Soviet Union was spreading communism into Africa and Asia
  4. Germany was seeking to dominate the European continent

2. One reason the Nuremberg trials following World War II were held was to

  1. bring Hitler, Mussolini, and Tojo to justice
  2. force Japan to pay for the attack on Pearl Harbor
  3. make German leaders accountable for the Holocaust
  4. punish the German government for bombing England

3. President Harry Truman justified using atomic bombs on Japan in 1945 on the grounds that the

  1. world was ready for a demonstration of nuclear power
  2. Axis powers deserved total destruction
  3. early ending of the war would saw many lives
  4. American public demanded that the bombs be used

4. Prior to the start of World War II, Great Britain and France followed a policy of appeasement when they

  1. rejected an alliance with the Soviet Union
  2. allowed Germany to expand its territory
  3. signed the agreements at the Yalta Conference
  4. opposed United States efforts to rearm

5. The immediate cause of United States entry into World War II was that the United States

  1. had to fulfill its collective security agreements with Western Europeans nations
  2. felt it necessary to defend the principle of freedom of the seas
  3. suffered a direct military attack
  4. was ready to use its superior military and atomic capabilities

6. What was one result of World War II?

  1. The arms race ended
  2. The Cold War ended
  3. Communism was eliminated
  4. Two superpowers emerged

7. Which statement about the Marshall Plan is most accurate?

  1. It was used to finance rearmament after World War II
  2. It was denied to all former World War II enemies
  3. It was used to rebuild European nations after World War II
  4. It was given to all African and Asian allies during the Cold War

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