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First World War Quiz Question with Answer

1. The First World War took place from

  1. 1814-1818
  2. 1914-1918
  3. 1939-1945
  4. 1919-1924

2. After the First World War which flower became associated with remembrance in the UK?

  1. Poppy
  2. Cornflower
  3. Rose
  4. Lily

3. How many British soldiers, sailors and airmen died in combat during the First World War

  1. 744000
  2. 966000
  3. 1300400
  4. 1750000

4. How many countries took part in the First World War?

  1. 8
  2. 15
  3. 23
  4. 32

5. How many former Scouts were killed during fighting in the First World War?

  1. 5000
  2. 8000
  3. 10000
  4. Not sure

6. In January 1918 a worldwide flu pandemic started and lasted for about 2 years. Which killed more people?

  1. First World War
  2. Flu outbreak
  3. None of them

7. What sort of jobs did Scouts has not done during the First World War?

  1. Farming
  2. Coastguard
  3. Cyclist messengers
  4. Fighting

8. What sort of jobs did women do during the First World War

  1. Making explosives
  2. Nursing
  3. Farming
  4. All of the above

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