Nazism in Germany MCQs Quiz Multiple Choice Questions & Answers

Nazism in Germany MCQs questions answers

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MCQ quiz on Nazism in Germany multiple choice questions and answers on Nazism in Germany MCQ questions quiz on Nazism in Germany and the rise of Hitler objectives questions with answer test pdf for interview preparations, freshers jobs and competitive exams.

Nazism in Germany Questions with Answers

1. Allied Powers in World War II was

2. During First World War against whom Germany did not fight?

3. German defeat in World War I

4. Hitler took over the German Workers Party and renamed it as

5. Hitlers ideas of racialism were based on which of the following thinkers

6. Hitlers world view was based on the concept of

7. Reichstag refers to

8. The Great Depression was a period of

9. The International War Tribunal was set up in

10. The Nazi Party became the largest party by?

11. US entered into World War II due to

12. What was Dawes Plan?

13. What was Jungvolk?

14. What was not a factor in the rise of Hitler?

15. What was the name given to gas chambers by Nazis?

16. When did Hitler become the Chancellor of Germany?

17. When did Hitler join German Workers Party?

18. When did Hitler try to seize control of Bavaria and capture Berlin?

19. When was the First World War fought?

20. Which among the following was the single most important factor in the victory of Allied powers in World War II?

21. Which nations were the Axis powers during World War II?

22. Which of the following can best define Nazism?

23. Which of the following is not true of ordinary people in Nazi Germany?

24. Which of the following was not a feature of the new Nazi style of politics?

25. Which of the following was not a part of Hitlers policies to exclude Jews?

26. Which of the following was not true of Nazi State and women?

27. Which of the following was the immediate factor for the Great Depression (1929-1932)?

28. Which of the following was the most feared security force of the Nazi State?

29. Which of the following was the treaty signed by Germany after its defeat in World War I?

30. Which of the given parties came to be known as Nazi Party?

31. Which was not a feature of Jew stereotypes?

32. Who among the following topped the list of undesirables?

33. Who among the following was assigned the responsibility of economic recovery by Hitler?

34. Who among the given were called November Criminals?

35. Who amongst these offered chancellorship to Hitler?

36. Who from the following were not November Criminals?

37. Who was the propaganda minister of Hitler?

38. Who were the desirables?

39. Why Weimar Republic was called November Criminals?

40. World War II began with German invasion of


Multiple Choice Questions and Answers on Nazism in Germany

Nazism in Germany Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

Nazism in Germany Trivia Quiz

Nazism in Germany Question and Answer PDF Online

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