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NATO Alliance Questions with Answers

1. When was NATO founded?

2. Another important NATO mission has been leading the Kosovo Force (KFOR) to maintain peace and stability in Kosovo. When did this mission begin?

3. How did the first secretary-general of Nato memorably describe NATO mission?

4. How many countries are members of NATO?

5. In 2011, during a wave of uprisings in Arab countries, NATO intervened in which country?

6. Nations of Europe struggled to rebuild their economies and ensure their security after which war?

7. NATO countries have endorsed a goal of spending what percentage of their total economies on defense?

8. One of NATO chief military missions in recent years was leading the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) in which country?

9. So far, NATO members have invoked the Article 5 provision on collective defense only once. They did so in response to what?

10. The best-known part of Nato founding treaty, Article 5, deals with what topic?

11. What are the principles of NATO?

12. What country was against the idea of NATO when it first started?

13. What does the acronym NATO stand for?

14. What was created by the Soviet Union in response to NATO?

15. When did NATO invoke Article 5 of North Atlantic Treaty for the first time?

16. When did West Germany join NATO?

17. Where are NATOs headquarters?

18. Where was NATO founded?

19. Where were NATOs headquarters in 1949-1966?

20. Which country was bombed by NATO in 1999?

21. Which country withdrew from military command structure of NATO in 1966?

22. Which is not included in the 12 founding countries of NATO?

23. Which of the following countries is a founding member of NATO?

24. Which of the following countries joined NATO in 2004?

25. Which of the following describes position of Russia toward NATO?

26. Which war took place soon after the creation of NATO?

27. Which was the latest NATO member to join?

28. Who is the biggest contributor to NATO?

29. Who was the original enemy of NATO?


Multiple Choice Questions and Answers on NATO Alliance

NATO Alliance Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

NATO Alliance Trivia Quiz

NATO Alliance Question and Answer PDF Online

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