Concrete Technology Quiz Question with Answer

11. Bricks that are subjected to severe weather conditions should be

  1. permeable
  2. porous
  3. dense
  4. sulphate resisting

12. Care should be taken when using a plumb rule during periods of

  1. strong winds
  2. severe frost
  3. patchy fog
  4. prolonged rain

13. Coarse aggregate is mainly retained on a sieve of

  1. 3 mm
  2. 4 mm
  3. 5 mm
  4. 6 mm

14. Curing of concrete is achieved by providing

  1. cold surface conditions
  2. constant hot air
  3. intermittent surface heat
  4. damp conditions

15. Dry rot in timber is the result of

  1. chemical decay
  2. insect attack
  3. old age
  4. fungal attack

16. Hatching is a method which is used to indicate

  1. materials
  2. volume
  3. density
  4. dimensions

17. Having set out a rectangular building, the accurate check for squareness of the corners would be to

  1. use an instrument called a sitesquare
  2. measure each side to confirm the correct dimensions
  3. measure the diagonals
  4. place a builders square against each corner

18. Honeycombs in sleeper walls

  1. improve speed of construction
  2. increase underfloor warmth
  3. provide underfloor ventilation
  4. reduce the brickwork cost

19. I n order to qualify for the weekly tool allowance, a bricklayer may be expected to provide

  1. bevel, square, dividers, carborundum stone
  2. dividers, square, boat level, jointer
  3. bevel, square, corner blocks, line level
  4. corner blocks, jointer, carborundum stone, square

20. If a working drawing is made to a scale of 1 50, a length of 5.5 metres would be shown on the drawing by a length of

  1. 55 mm
  2. 110 mm
  3. 275 mm
  4. 550 mm

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