Building Construction Quiz Question with Answer

31. Water supply includes

  1. Collection, transportation and treatment of water
  2. Distribution of water to consumers
  3. Provision of hydrants for fire fighting
  4. All the above

32. Water cement ratio is the ratio of

  1. Water to cement by weight
  2. Water to cement by volume
  3. Cement to water by weight
  4. Cement to water by volume

33. Ventilation of house drainage is required to

  1. relieve the pressure of foul gases
  2. dilute the fould air in the drain
  3. reduce the obnoxious effect of foul air
  4. all of these

34. To avoid shearing, dam has to be placed as far as possible from

  1. Joints
  2. Folds
  3. Intrusions
  4. Faults

35. The..........are used for preventing foul gas from sewers to back flow in the house.

  1. air freshners
  2. traps
  3. naphthalene balls
  4. phenyl

36. The.............should be preferably Inclined at 45° with the ground.

  1. Horizontal shore
  2. Raking shore
  3. Dead shore
  4. Vertical shore

37. a bad conductor of heat and it is also non-combustible building material.

  1. Sandstone
  2. Granite
  3. Stone
  4. Limestone

38. a mixture of cement, sand, pebbles or crushed rock and water, which, when placed in the skeleton of forms and are allowed to cure, becomes hard like a stone.

  1. Cement concrete
  2. Cement slurry
  3. Cement grouting
  4. Cement mortar

39. The type of pipe commonly used in water supply distribution schemes, is

  1. R.C.C. pipes
  2. Hume pipes
  3. Cast iron pipes
  4. G.I. pipes

40. The treatment given to the roof of a building to prevent the roof from the leakage of water is known as

  1. Fire proofing
  2. Damp proofing
  3. Termite proofing
  4. Sound proofing

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