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51. The first formal seismic code in India is

52. The earthquake of 7.0 can cause

53. The design period of storage reservoir can be given as

54. The depth of the focus from the epicentre is known as

55. The bearing capacity of soil is calculated in..............units.

56. The amount of water required for 1 percent per day is determined as

57. Surface water can act as a source of water in water supply scheme.

58. Structures built on which land have to withstand greater risk during earthquakes?

59. Sometimes the structures are to be temporarily supported. This is achieved by what is known as the

60. Slopes is classified into how many types.

61. Removal of inside air and supply of fresh outside air in a closed room is known as

62. PVC is widely used to make pipes because:

63. Plastics are divided into thermoplastic and thermosetting on the basis of their

64. Pitched and sloping roofs are suitable for

65. Pick up the incorrect statement from the following. The source of surface water is from

66. Pick up the incorrect statement from the following, The underground sources of water is from

67. Per capita demand of water is calculated in liters

68. n one pipe system of plumbing, waste water is carried away from

69. It is quite evident that the incoming air for ventilation should summer winter before it enters the room.

70. It is found that the Brick are not seriously affected until very high temperature of 1200°C to 1300°C are reached.

71. IS 1893-2002 gives details on:

72. Indian standard criteria for earthquake resistant design of structures (first part, fifth revision) is stated by

73. In..............system the source of supply is lake or impounding reservoir at some elevation.

74. In................arrangement, the horizontal supports are given two parallel walls which have become unsafe due to the removal or collapse of the intermediate building.

75. In..................shore arrangement, the inclined supports are given to the external walls from the ground.

76. In....................arrangement, the horizontal members, known as the needles are supported by vertical members.

77. In winter, it becomes necessary to supplied slightly...........air to the inside of the building.

78. In which system of water supply, water is available for 24 hours but uneconomically used?

79. In order to secure superstructure from an earthquake..............technique is most preferred and used worldwide.

80. In order to secure superstructure from an earthquake, which technique is most preferred and used worldwide.

81. In one pipe system of plumbing,

82. In architecture, generally the lower horizontal surface of a room, and/or the supporting structure underneath it.

83. In a building, to provide ultimate comfort to occupants............can be used.

84. If conduicts is hidden inside the wall slots with the help of plastering, It is known as

85. How many types of shoring are there?

86. How many types of irregularity of structure are there?

87. How many types of distribution system of a town are classified?

88. How many types of bands are there?

89. How many steps are involved in a soil investigation?

90. Geosynthetics includes how main product categories.

91. Full form of PVC is

92. FRP stands for:

93. Effective compaction is not achieved by

94. Earthquakes occur at which portion of plates?

95. Earthquake force is a function of

96. Earth embankments or slopes are commonly required for which of the following purpose?

97. Due to improper ventilation, which gas gets stuck into house and develops dizziness to the occupants.

98. Disinfection of drinking water is done to remove

99. Disasters can be broadly termed as.........types.

100. Choose which one is correct.


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Building Construction Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

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