Tennis Quiz Question with Answer

11. During a rally of a singles point without singles sticks, player A hits a shot that was going out until it hits the doubles post and careens into the proper court of player B, who wins the shot?

  1. Player A
  2. Player B

12. During the second serve, your opponents left foot touches the baseline but does not completely cross the baseline, what is the call?

  1. It is a fault, and it is your point
  2. A let is called
  3. No call since the foot did not completely cross the line
  4. Your opponent gets to redo the first serve

13. How high is the net in the center?

  1. 30 inches
  2. 32 inches
  3. 36 inches
  4. 40 inches

14. How many service lets are you allowed in a game?

  1. 2
  2. 4
  3. 8
  4. unlimited

15. How much time is allotted between points of a match?

  1. 15 seconds
  2. 20 seconds
  3. 30 seconds
  4. 45 seconds

16. How much time is allotted on change overs?

  1. 90 seconds except at the end of a set
  2. 60 seconds except at the end of a set
  3. 2 minutes on all change overs
  4. 90 seconds on all change overs

17. If a ball from another court rolls on the court between first and second serves, is the server entitled to two serves?

  1. If the server was not in the motion of the second serve, he should get one serve
  2. If the server feels that the delay was too long, he would be given two serves
  3. If the receiver feels the delay was too long, he would be given two serves
  4. A & C

18. If a ball gets broken during play, the point shall be

  1. awarded to the last person that hits the ball
  2. played until its conclusion and a new ball will be put into play
  3. replayed
  4. awarded to the person who notices the ball is broken

19. if a ball is found soft after a point, the point shall

  1. be played and a new ball substituted immediately
  2. not be replayed and the ball will be removed from play
  3. not be replayed and the ball will remain in use until the conclusion of the set.

20. If a ball is returned outside the net post and hits in the correct court, but never reaches the same height as the net, the shot is good.

  1. True Statement
  2. Flase Statement

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