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Ace your knowledge of tennis with our comprehensive collection of Tennis multiple-choice questions (MCQs), designed to challenge and educate tennis enthusiasts of all levels. Whether you're a seasoned player, a passionate fan, or someone looking to learn more about the sport, our MCQs cover various aspects of tennis, including its rich history, iconic players, famous tournaments, essential techniques, rules and regulations, and much more. Dive into our extensive question bank to test your understanding of the game and deepen your appreciation for its nuances. Each MCQ is accompanied by detailed explanations, offering valuable insights into the world of tennis. Whether you're preparing for a quiz, enhancing your tennis knowledge, or simply looking to enjoy the sport on a deeper level, our MCQs provide an engaging and interactive platform for tennis enthusiasts worldwide. Start your tennis journey with our MCQs today!

Tennis Questions with Answers

1. A ball in play that touches the baseline is ruled to be in play

2. A player throws a racquet at the ball and hits it so that the ball goes back across the net and into the court. What is the call?

3. A player whose turn it was to serve first in the tie-breaker of a singles match, shall be

4. A point played in good faith stands.

5. After tossing a ball to serve, the server decides not to hit it and catches it instead. What is the call?

6. All court measurements are made to the outside edge of the line.

7. Before returning the second serve, may the receiver clear a ball from the first service fault that has rebounded onto the playing area?

8. Do the players change ends of the court after a tie-breaker has been used to decide a set?

9. Does a player lose the point if an imaginary line in the extension of the net is crossed before or after hitting the ball?

10. During a point, a player accidentally breaks the strings. Can the player continue to play another point with this racquet?

11. During a rally of a singles point without singles sticks, player A hits a shot that was going out until it hits the doubles post and careens into the proper court of player B, who wins the shot?

12. During the second serve, your opponents left foot touches the baseline but does not completely cross the baseline, what is the call?

13. How high is the net in the center?

14. How many service lets are you allowed in a game?

15. How much time is allotted between points of a match?

16. How much time is allotted on change overs?

17. If a ball from another court rolls on the court between first and second serves, is the server entitled to two serves?

18. If a ball gets broken during play, the point shall be

19. if a ball is found soft after a point, the point shall

20. If a ball is returned outside the net post and hits in the correct court, but never reaches the same height as the net, the shot is good.

21. If a ball touches the line, it is regarded as touching the court bounded by that line.

22. If a player hits a ball on the opponents court, but it is unclear as to which ball was hit, what would be the call?

23. If a player swings at a ball in play and misses it, and the ball flies out of bounds before touching the surface, the player loses the point

24. If a players racquet passes over the net after hitting the ball on the players own side of the net and the ball hits the groun in the correct court, the ball is deemed good.

25. If a point is played starting on the wrong side of the court (adv. Vs. deuce) side, the point is lost by your opponent, and then your opponent realizes that the point was played on the wrong side. Your opponent tells you that a let should be played since the point was played on the wrong side. What is the call?

26. If a server should break a string during a first serve that was a fault and he must go to the bench to get another racquet, is he entitled to a let and allowed to serve his first serve again?

27. If a spectator calls a ball out during the point, what is the call?

28. If the ball is hit around the outside of the net post and lands in the court what is the ruling?

29. If the server is interrupted during the delivery of the second serve, how many serves is the server entitled to?

30. If you cannot tell whether or not a shot was in, the point is

31. If you catch a ball while you are behind the baseline that your opponent hit that is going out before it bounces what is the call?

32. If you hit a drop shot that bounces on your opponents side of the net and has enough backspin to come back over the net to your side of the net without your opponent touching the ball, who wins the point?

33. If you hit a shot that lands out and your opponent hits the ball back and does not call the ball out, what is the ruling?

34. If you realize that in your singles match, you have made a mistake in scoring and you are serving a second serve from the wrong court, what should be done?

35. If your first serve hits your opponents doubles partner without hitting the ground first, who wins the point?

36. If your groundstrokehits the net post but does not go over the net but deflects into your opponents court, what is the call?

37. Is a player allowed to jump over the net into the opponents court while the ball is in play?

38. Is one member of a doubles team allowed to play alone against the opponents?

39. Is the receiver allowed to stand outside the lines of the court?

40. Is the server allowed to have one or both feet off the ground?

41. Is the server required to call the score at the beginning of each game and the point scores as the games go on in matches without officials?

42. ln a doubles match, the receivers partner touches the net before the ball that has been served touches the ground outside the correct service court. What is the call?

43. May a doubles team switch its serving order at the beginning of a new set?

44. May a player serve underhanded?

45. May a server run at the baseline in his preparation to serve?

46. May a server suddenly increase the pace between his first and second serve?

47. Must a request to remove a ball lying in the opponents court be honored?

48. Must an official tell a player how he is foot-faulting if he is asked?

49. Players agree that they have played six points, but disagree over the score because they do not agree on the second point. The receiver acknowledges that the server was calling out the score and that he didnt express disagreement until now. What should be done?

50. The ball passes under the net cord between the net and the net post without touching anything, is the shot deemed good?


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