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Explore the thrilling world of rugby with our extensive collection of Rugby MCQs Questions Answers. Whether you're a passionate fan or simply curious about the sport, our quizzes cover a diverse range of topics, including rugby history, iconic players, legendary matches, and the rules of the game. Challenge yourself with questions about memorable tries, historic tournaments, renowned teams, and the evolution of rugby across different continents. From scrums to lineouts, our interactive quizzes provide a fun and educational way to enhance your knowledge and appreciation of this dynamic sport. Whether you're new to rugby or a seasoned enthusiast, our Rugby Trivia MCQs offer an exciting opportunity to test your understanding and uncover fascinating facts about one of the world's most exhilarating sports.

Rugby Questions with Answers

1. How many players are on the field in a standard rugby union team?

2. Which annual rugby union tournament features England, France, Ireland, Italy, Scotland, and Wales?

3. What is the term for the scoring play in rugby where a player carries the ball over the opponents goal line and grounds it?

4. Who won the Rugby World Cup in 2019, held in Japan?

5. In rugby union, what is the maximum duration of a standard match, excluding extra time?

6. Which international rugby competition features teams from Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Argentina, and Japan?

7. Who is often referred to as the "Jonah Lomu of the North" due to his powerful running style?

8. In rugby league, how many tackles does each team have to advance the ball before turnover occurs?

9. Which country is known for performing the traditional Haka dance before their rugby matches?

10. What is the term for a kick taken after a team scores a try in rugby?

11. Which position in rugby is typically known as the "playmaker" and wears the number 10 jersey?

12. Who is the all-time leading point-scorer in international rugby as of 2022?

13. In rugby union, what is the term for the player who throws the ball into the lineout?

14. Which country won the first Rugby World Cup in 1987?

15. What is the term for a kick taken to restart play after a score or a dead ball situation in rugby?

16. Which international rugby tournament features the British and Irish Lions touring team?

17. What is the term for the method of restarting play after a minor infringement in rugby?

18. Who is known as the "Beast" and is a formidable South African prop forward?

19. In rugby league, what is the term for a tackle in which the ball carrier is lifted off the ground and driven to the turf?

20. Which city hosted the 2015 Rugby World Cup final?

21. What is the term for a kick taken during open play in rugby to gain territorial advantage?

22. Which rugby player is known as the "King of Sevens" and has been a star in the World Rugby Sevens Series?

23. What is the term for a phase of play in rugby where the ball is on the ground, and players from both teams contest possession with their feet?

24. Which country has won the most Rugby World Cup titles as of 2022?

25. Who is the highest try-scorer in international rugby as of 2022?


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