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Dive into the world of volleyball with our extensive collection of multiple-choice questions (MCQs), meticulously crafted to test your knowledge and passion for the sport. Whether you're a seasoned player, a dedicated fan, or simply curious about volleyball, our MCQs cover a broad spectrum of topics, including volleyball history, famous players and teams, key techniques and strategies, rules and regulations, and much more. Explore our comprehensive question bank to challenge yourself and deepen your understanding of this dynamic sport. Each question is accompanied by detailed explanations, offering valuable insights and enhancing your appreciation for the intricacies of volleyball. Whether you're gearing up for a quiz, honing your volleyball expertise, or simply looking to learn more about the game, our MCQs provide an engaging and interactive platform for volleyball enthusiasts of all levels. Take your knowledge of volleyball to new heights with our MCQs today!

Volleyball Questions with Answers

1. The following action(s) results in an unnecessary delay.

2. The following applies to court protocol of electronic devices during the match:

3. The following equipment/accessories are permitted:

4. The head coach may stand only in the libero replacement zone to coach his/her players. During play, the coach shall be no closer to the court than 6 fet from the sideline.

5. The head coach must remain seated during play after being assessed any unsporting conduct card.

6. The libero and/or his/her teammates shall wear a solid-colored uniform top. If both uniform tops are solid, they must be contrasting colors.

7. The libero cannot serve for:

8. The numbers on the uniform top shall be:

9. The official scorer shall:

10. The only time a player can substitute into the set is when a head coach signals for a substitution.

11. The out-of-bounds/antenna violation signal occurs when:

12. The player and substitute shall remain in the substitution zone until the second referee releases them.

13. The second referee has the responsibility to determine and then notify the first referee of unsporting conduct violations by players, coaches or other team personnel.

14. The second referee has the responsibility to:

15. The server shall:

16. The sleeves of the solid-colored uniform top shall be the same color as the body of the uniform top.

17. The team lineup lists a starting number that no team member is wearing. The team legally substitutes a player with a legal number into that position. The team is charged with a substitution.

18. The visiting team shall call both the pre-match coin toss and the deciding set coin toss, if necessary.

19. The volleyball shall be spherical with a laceless molded cover of 12 or more basic, rectangular-shaped panels of genuine or simulated:

20. The winner of the pre-match coin toss selects its team bench.

21. The written lineup shall not be changed except between sets of a match (no later than one minute remaining in the timed interval or intermission when used), for a legal substitution prior to the start of the set, or to replace a starting player who is injured/ill prior to the start of the set.

22. To signal an unnecessary delay, raise the hand on side of the offending team beside head, palm facing in, hold the appropriate card on the wrist of the raised hand.

23. Unnecessary delay is charged to the offending team when a:

24. Unnecessary delay occurs when:

25. Unsporting conduct forfeit results when:

26. Unsporting conduct shall be charged to a player for:

27. Upon entering the facility, the home team selects its team bench.

28. When a loss of rally occurs, the team preparing to serve rotates counterclockwise one position.

29. When a player seated on the bench receives a yellow card for conduct, the head coach must:

30. When a receiving team player is out of position on the serve and the ball is served illegally, which team is penalized?

31. When a team plays with fewer than six players due to illness, injury or disqualification, a loss of rally/point shall be awarded to the opponent each time a vacant position rotates to serve in the right back position.

32. When multiple courts are used, the second referee may end a time-out or interval between sets with a:

33. When used, a libero:

34. Which of the following is correct concerning the second referee? The second referee must have:

35. Which of the following is not a responsibility of the second referee?

36. A back-row player (on or in front of the attack line) may contact the ball completely above the height of the net and complete an attack.

37. A back-row setter, when in front of the attack line, may not:

38. A ball remains playable when it touches a non-team member who is not interfering with a players legitimate effort to play the ball.

39. A double hit occurs when a players successive or multiple contacts are illegal.

40. A fault whistled by the second referee will be indicated by blowing the whistle, showing the nature of the fault and then indicating the player committing the net fault by use of hand signals to indicate players number. After the first referee awards the point and serve to the opponent, the second referee will mirror the signal of point.

41. A joust is not a fault, and play continues as if the contact was instantaneous.

42. A line judge shall:

43. A live ball becomes dead when:

44. A match shall be forfeited when there is a power failure or when other unforeseen circumstances occur.

45. A player may cross the extension of the center line outside the court at any time provided he/she does not interfere with play by the opposing team.

46. A potential screen exists, but is not limited to:

47. A referee shall stop play when a player gains an illegal advantage by contacting:

48. A serve is illegal and the ball remains dead if the server:

49. A single, visible manufacturers logo and/or single school name or insignia on each visible undergarment shall be:

50. A spectator becomes unruly and disruptive to the orderly progress of the set. The individual responsible for resolving the situation is:


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Volleyball Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

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