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Step up to the plate and explore the fascinating world of Softball with our collection of Softball Trivia MCQs Questions and Answers. Whether you're a seasoned player, an avid fan, or just curious about this thrilling sport, our quizzes cover all aspects of Softball, from the fundamentals of pitching, hitting, and fielding to the history, rules, and strategies that shape the game. Test your knowledge on topics such as different types of pitches, game situations, famous players, and memorable moments in Softball history. Dive into the action-packed world of fastpitch and slowpitch Softball, and challenge yourself with questions designed to enhance your understanding and appreciation of the sport. Whether you're gearing up for a game, coaching a team, or simply love the game of Softball, our Trivia MCQs offer a fun and informative way to learn more about this beloved pastime.

Softball Questions with Answers

1. In softball, how many players are typically on the field for a team defensively?

2. Which country is known for its dominance in international womens softball, winning multiple Olympic gold medals?

3. What is the distance between bases on a regulation softball field?

4. Who is considered one of the greatest pitchers in softball history and played a significant role in popularizing the sport?

5. Which international softball tournament is often referred to as the "Softball World Cup"?

6. What is the term for a pitched ball in softball that is delivered with an underhand motion?

7. In softball, how many strikes result in a strikeout for a batter?

8. Which position is traditionally known as the "hot corner" in softball?

9. What is the term for a play in softball where a runner on first base, a runner on second base, and the batter all attempt to advance a base?

10. Which country hosted the first-ever Olympic softball tournament in 1996?

11. What is the maximum number of innings in a regulation international softball game?

12. Who is the American softball player known for her dominance as a pitcher and for her iconic slap-hitting style?

13. What is the term for a defensive play in softball where a fielder catches a batted ball before it hits the ground?

14. Which international softball tournament features teams from the Americas and is held every four years?

15. In softball, what is the term for a pitch that breaks sharply in the opposite direction of a curveball?

16. Who is the legendary Japanese softball player often referred to as the "Queen of Softball"?

17. In softball, what is the term for a pitch that is intentionally thrown outside the strike zone to entice the batter to swing and miss?

18. Which American softball player is known for her dominant pitching career and later transitioned to coaching?

19. What is the term for a pitch in softball that is intentionally thrown high above the batters head?

20. Which city hosted the Olympic softball competition in 2008, the last time the sport was part of the Olympics until 2020?

21. Who is the American softball player known for her powerful hitting and was a member of the "Fab Five"?

22. What is the term for a pitch in softball that is thrown with a slow, deliberate motion to deceive the batter?

23. Which country won the first Olympic gold medal in softball in 1996?

24. What is the term for a situation in softball where the defensive team records three outs consecutively on three pitches or fewer?

25. Which international softball tournament is often considered the most prestigious and features teams from around the world?


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Softball Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

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