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Dive into the thrilling world of American football MCQs with our extensive collection of Trivia MCQs. Whether you're a seasoned fan or new to the sport, our curated questions cover a wide range of topics, including legendary players, iconic teams, historic games, and the rich history of American football. Test your knowledge and challenge yourself with trivia on NFL stars, Super Bowl champions, memorable plays, and the evolution of the game. Our interactive quizzes provide an engaging and educational experience, allowing you to deepen your understanding of this beloved sport while having fun. Explore the excitement of American football and uncover fascinating facts about its origins, traditions, and cultural impact. Get ready to kick off your American football journey with our Trivia MCQs and showcase your passion for the game.

American Football Questions with Answers

1. What is the maximum number of players a team can have on the field at any given time in American football?

2. Which two teams compete in the annual Super Bowl to determine the champion of the National Football League (NFL)?

3. What is the name of the championship game in college football in the United States?

4. In American football, how many points is a touchdown worth?

5. Who is often referred to as "The Greatest Quarterback of All Time (GOAT)" in the NFL?

6. What is the term for the play where the quarterback intentionally throws the ball to the ground to stop the clock?

7. Which college football conference is known for its annual "Iron Bowl" rivalry between Alabama and Auburn?

8. In American football, what is the distance between each set of goalposts on the field?

9. Which NFL team is known for their "Terrible Towel" and the "Steel Curtain" defense?

10. What is the term for a defensive player intercepting the ball and returning it for a touchdown?

11. Which NFL team is known as the "Cheeseheads" and plays home games at Lambeau Field?

12. What is the term for a play where the offense intentionally sends the ball out of the back of their own end zone?

13. Who holds the record for the most career rushing yards in NFL history as of 2022?

14. Which NFL team is known for its "Legion of Boom" defense during the early 2010s?

15. What is the term for the official start of a football play when the center passes the ball to the quarterback?

16. Who is known as "Megatron" and was a star wide receiver for the Detroit Lions?

17. In college football, what is the name of the trophy awarded to the winner of the annual Michigan vs. Ohio State game?

18. Which quarterback is known for "The Immaculate Reception" play in NFL history?

19. What is the term for the tactic where the team in the lead runs down the game clock with short, safe plays?

20. Who is the all-time leading passer in NFL history as of 2022?

21. Which city hosted the first Super Bowl in 1967?

22. What is the name of the trophy awarded to the MVP of the Super Bowl?

23. In American football, how many points is a field goal worth?

24. Which NFL team is known for its "Dawg Pound" fan section at home games?

25. Who is the only player in NFL history to win the MVP and the Super Bowl MVP in the same season three times?


Multiple Choice Questions and Answers on American Football

American Football Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

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