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Dive into the world of basketball with our comprehensive collection of Basketball multiple-choice questions (MCQs), designed to test your knowledge and passion for the game. Whether you're a seasoned player, a dedicated fan, or simply intrigued by the sport, our MCQs cover a wide range of topics, including basketball history, iconic players and teams, legendary moments, rules and regulations, and much more. Explore our extensive question bank to challenge yourself and discover fascinating insights into the world of basketball. Each question is accompanied by detailed explanations, offering valuable context and enhancing your understanding of the game's nuances. Whether you're preparing for a trivia night, brushing up on your basketball knowledge, or simply looking to deepen your appreciation for the sport, our MCQs provide an engaging and interactive way to learn. Step onto the court and elevate your basketball IQ with our MCQs today!

Basketball Questions with Answers

1. A ball is at the disposal of a player in all of the following situations, EXCEPT:

2. A bookkeeping mistake:

3. A closely-guarded situation can occur when different defenders continuously guard the player holding or dribbling the ball, provided the 6-foot distance is maintained throughout.

4. A fight breaks out between A1 and B1 during a deadball and clock-stopped situation. The head coach of Team A rushes onto the court. The officials:

5. A free throw ends: When the try is successful.

6. A head coach is permitted to be outside the optional coaching box to give instructions to players.

7. A held ball occurs when an opponent places his or her hand(s) on the ball and prevents an airborne player from throwing the ball or releasing it on a try.

8. A player may not hold his or her hands or arms in front of his or her body to absorb the force from an imminent charge of any opponent.

9. A simultaneous violation is called if offensive players occupy the first marked lane spaces and defensive players occupy the second marked lane spaces during the free throw.

10. A situation in which there are fouls by both teams, the second of which occurs before the clock is started following the first, and such that at least one of the attributes of a double foul is absent, is known as:

11. A situation in which there is a foul by both teams at approximately the same time, but the fouls are not committed by opponents against each other, is known as:

12. A situation in which two or more teammates commit personal fouls against the same opponent at approximately the same time is known as:

13. A tap shall be considered the same as a try for a goal.

14. A team is in control of the ball in all of the following situations, EXCEPT:

15. A technical foul assessed to a teams athletic trainer is also charged indirectly to the head coach and results in four free throws.

16. A violation has occurred when B1, in a marked space, loses his/her balance:

17. A warning to a coach/team for conduct is an administrative procedure by an official, which is:

18. A warning to a team for delay is an administrative procedure by an official that is recorded in the scorebook by the scorer and announced to the coach.

19. A1 is sent to the bench because of bleeding from a cut. Team A calls a 60-second time-out, during which the athletic trainer stops the bleeding and covers the wound. Which of the following statements is the most accurate?

20. After obtaining a legal position, the guard may raise hands or jump within his or her own vertical plane.

21. All of the following are pregame duties of the referee, EXCEPT:

22. All of the following are ruled correctable errors, EXCEPT:

23. All of the following are True statement regarding a foul when committed against a ball handler/dribbler, EXCEPT:

24. All of the following are True statement statements regarding charged time-outs, EXCEPT:

25. All of the following are True statement statements regarding intentional fouls, EXCEPT:

26. All of the following are True statement statements regarding lane spaces being occupied during free throws, EXCEPT:

27. All of the following are True statement statements regarding leg compression sleeve/tights, EXCEPT:

28. All of the following result in a kicking violation, EXCEPT:

29. All of the following situations result in a violation, EXCEPT:

30. All of the following statements are True statement regarding a closelyguarded situation, EXCEPT:

31. All of the following statements regarding officials jurisdiction are True statement, EXCEPT:

32. An alternating-possession throw-in results in all of the following situations, EXCEPT:

33. An official shall immediately remove a player from the game who exhibits the following signs or symptoms of a concussion:

34. Any player who exhibits signs, symptoms or behaviors consistent with a concussion shall not returnto play until cleared by:

35. Any player, other than the free thrower, who does not occupy a marked lane space:

36. Blocking is illegal personal contact with an opponent that impedes the progress of an opponent with or without the ball.

37. Contact that is not a legitimate attempt to play the ball/player specifically designed to stop the clock or keep it from starting is:

38. Depending on the location of the throw-in, except outside the end line after a successful goal, the official shall:

39. During a dribble from backcourt to frontcourt, the ball is in As frontcourt if one of dribbler A1s feet is on the division line and the other foot and the ball are touching in As frontcourt.

40. During a dribble from backcourt to frontcourt, the ball is in the frontcourt when both feet of the dribbler and the ball touch the court entirely in the frontcourt.

41. During an alternatingpossession throw-in by A1, B2 intentionally kicks the throw-in pass. A1 will be awarded a new throw-in opportunity, but the arrow will remain pointed in the direction of As basket.

42. Following a team warning for any type of delay, it is a team technical foul if the free throw is delayed because of a Team A huddle or contact with the free thrower.

43. If a team jersey contains a visible manufacturers logo/trademark/reference, all of the following are correct, EXCEPT:

44. If a technical foul is administered to start an extra period, a jump ball will follow to establish the alternating-possession procedure.

45. If A1s personal foul is followed with a technical foul by B1 before the clock starts, it creates a False statement double foul situation.

46. If an error is corrected, in some cases, play shall continue from the normal game action resulting from the correction.

47. If the ball is simultaneously touched by inbounds opponents near a boundary line and then goes out of bounds before the alternating-possession procedure has been established, play will be resumed with a jump ball in the center circle.

48. If the error is made while the clock is running and the ball dead, it must be recognized by an official before the second live ballfollowing the error in order to be corrected.

49. If the referee determines that the clock was not started or stopped properly, or if the clock did not run, the referee:

50. If there is less than 3 feet between the guard and a boundary line, the dribbler has the greater responsibility for the contact.


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