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Plate Tectonics Question and Answer

1. A boundary where plates move away from each other is called:

  1. divergent
  2. convergent
  3. transform
  4. shear boundary

2. A deep crack in the earths surface is called a:

  1. ridge
  2. fault
  3. plate
  4. mountain

3. A stationary source of magma located away from a plate boundary

  1. magma pool
  2. hotspot
  3. lava dome
  4. magma score

4. An example of a transform/shear/sliding boundary is a:

  1. volcano
  2. mid-ocean ridge
  3. deep-sea trench
  4. fault

5. Earthquakes occur at this boundary

  1. aesthonosphere
  2. convergent
  3. transform
  4. divergent

6. Hot magma ......... and cool magma ............

  1. rises;rises
  2. rises and sinks;only rises
  3. sinks;rises
  4. rises;sinks

7. How do the plates move at a transform boundary?

  1. They move toward each other.
  2. They move away from each other.
  3. They move past each other.
  4. they do not move.

8. Large pieces of the lithosphere that float on the asthenosphere are called:

  1. asthenosphere
  2. the mid-ocean ridge
  3. deep-sea trenches
  4. tectonic plates

9. Most earthquakes happen along the

  1. fault
  2. volcanic mountains
  3. Pacific Ring of Fire
  4. mid-ocean ridge

10. Mountains form at this boundary as plates push together

  1. transform
  2. strike slip fault
  3. convergent
  4. divergent

MCQ Multiple Choice Questions and Answers on Plate Tectonics

Plate Tectonics Trivia Questions and Answers PDF Online

Plate Tectonics Question and Answer

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