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11. An air mass is a body of air with

  1. equal density throughout
  2. similar values of temperature and moisture in the horizontal
  3. very high pressure everywhere
  4. at least two frontal zones

12. An air mass is often modified as it moves over the earths surface. This modification is largely due to

  1. jet streams above
  2. clouds
  3. strong pressure gradients
  4. contact with the ground below

13. An mP air mass is:

  1. dry and cold
  2. humid and cold
  3. dry and warm
  4. humid and warm

14. Another common term for the wave cyclone is:

  1. tropical cyclone
  2. anticyclone
  3. polar-front cyclone
  4. none of these

15. Anvil head is a term applied to:

  1. cumulonimbus clouds
  2. any high cloud
  3. nimbostratus clouds
  4. all clouds that form on the windward side of mountains

16. Characteristics of an air mass source region include

  1. sharp temperature contrasts
  2. high elevation
  3. uniformity of temperature and moisture
  4. jet stream winds aloft

17. Cloud seeding with silver iodide is based on the

  1. Bergeron process
  2. collision-coalescence process
  3. both a and b
  4. none of these

18. Clouds and precipitation form in the air primarily due to

  1. moisture being added to the air
  2. air being cooled as it rises
  3. excessive numbers of hygroscopoic nuclei
  4. release of latent heat

19. Clouds are classified and named according to their altitude and

  1. water content
  2. temperature
  3. size of droplets in the cloud
  4. form or appearance

20. Compared to other types of fronts, the weather associated with a cold front usually

  1. covers more area
  2. is less violent but of longer duration
  3. involves less precipitation
  4. is more violent but of shorter duration

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