Landforms MCQ Questions and Answers Quiz

11. Drift plains are formed by the action of

  1. Rivers
  2. Glaciers
  3. Winds
  4. Wave

12. Eskers are of glacio-fluvial origin. Which one of the following statements characterize them

  1. They are long, narrow and sinuous ridges of sands
  2. They are small, irregular mounds of bedded sands
  3. They are small alluvial cones
  4. They are flat-topped terraces

13. Fiords are very typical of the

  1. Alaskan coast
  2. Spanish coast
  3. Norwegian coast
  4. Peruvian coast

14. Flood plains are called so, mainly because

  1. They are formed during floods
  2. They are liable to submergence during floods
  3. They prevent floods from spreading
  4. They cause floods

15. Give the name of the up folded rock

  1. Syncline
  2. Rift valley
  3. Fault
  4. Anticline

16. How is the amount of horizontal displacement in a normal fault called

  1. Throw
  2. Tear
  3. Heave
  4. Strik

17. How is the rectilinear drainage pattern formed where two sets of structural controls occur at right angles, termed

  1. Rectangular
  2. Radial
  3. Dendritic
  4. Trellis

18. How much of the Earths land surface is desert

  1. 1 tenth
  2. 1 fifth
  3. 1 third
  4. 1 sixth

19. Ice cap is applied to

  1. It is applied to an ice plate limited to high mountain and plateaus
  2. It is applied to an ice plate confined to hills
  3. It is applied to an ice place to the mountain of mediun height
  4. None of these

20. Mountain of accumulation is the name given to

  1. Residual mountains
  2. Block mountains
  3. Volcanic mountains
  4. Fold mountains

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