Nazism in Germany Quiz Question with Answer

21. Which nations were the Axis powers during World War II?

  1. UK, France, USA, USSR
  2. UK, France, Japan
  3. Germany, Italy, Japan
  4. Germany, France, UK

22. Which of the following can best define Nazism?

  1. Hitlers determination to make Germany a great nation
  2. Extermination of Jews
  3. A system, a structure of ideas about the world and politics
  4. Hitlers ambition of conquering the world

23. Which of the following is not true of ordinary people in Nazi Germany?

  1. Majority of Germans were passive onlookers
  2. They were scared to act, to differ, to protest
  3. Majority genuinely believed Nazism would bring prosperity and well-being
  4. Every German was a Nazi

24. Which of the following was not a feature of the new Nazi style of politics?

  1. Massive rallies
  2. Ritualised applause
  3. Red banners with Swastika
  4. Not so powerful speeches of Hitler

25. Which of the following was not a part of Hitlers policies to exclude Jews?

  1. Exclusion
  2. Ghettoisation
  3. Assimilation
  4. Annihilation

26. Which of the following was not true of Nazi State and women?

  1. Equal rights for men and women
  2. Women were socially different from men
  3. All mothers were not treatedequally
  4. They had to bearers of Aryan culture and race

27. Which of the following was the immediate factor for the Great Depression (1929-1932)?

  1. Collapse of Wall Street Exchange
  2. Financial Impact of World War I
  3. Fall in US exports
  4. Collapse of banks

28. Which of the following was the most feared security force of the Nazi State?

  1. Storm Troopers (SA)
  2. Protection Squads (SS)
  3. Gestapo
  4. Security Service

29. Which of the following was the treaty signed by Germany after its defeat in World War I?

  1. Treaty of Paris
  2. Treaty of Versailles
  3. Brest Litovsk
  4. Dawes Plan

30. Which of the given parties came to be known as Nazi Party?

  1. German Workers Party
  2. Socialist Democratic Party
  3. National Socialist German Workers Party
  4. Socialist Party

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