Meteorology Question with Answer

21. Deserts such as the Great Basin, Gobi, and Takla Makan are examples of:

  1. chinook deserts
  2. subtropical deserts
  3. rain shadow deserts
  4. monsoon deserts

22. Downdrafts and updrafts found side by side relate to the development of a thunderstorm.

  1. cumulus stage
  2. mature stage
  3. dissipating stage

23. Downdrafts totally dominate the development of a thunderstorm.

  1. cumulus stage
  2. mature stage
  3. dissipating stage

24. During which of the time spans listed below should hurricane formation in the North Atlantic be at a peak?

  1. January-February
  2. April-May
  3. August-September
  4. November-December

25. Freezing rain (ice storm) or sleet occurs when

  1. upper air is cold and surface air is warm
  2. both surface and upper air are cold
  3. both surface and upper air are warm
  4. upper air is warm and surface air is cold

26. Heat lightning:

  1. is brighter than ordinary lightning
  2. is also called ball lightning
  3. occurs more than 20 kilometers from the person observing it
  4. is actually a display of the northern lights

27. Hurricanes and midlatitude cyclones are similar in that:

  1. both are areas of low pressure
  2. both have conspicuous surface fronts
  3. both are most common and well-developed in the winter season
  4. both form in the trade-wind belt

28. Hurricanes generally are:

  1. larger than tornadoes
  2. smaller than midlatitude cyclones
  3. areas of heavy rainfall and strong winds
  4. all of these

29. Hygroscopoic nuclei may be formed from

  1. particles of dust
  2. nitric acid particles
  3. smoke from forest fires
  4. all of the above

30. Inside of a cloud, how do the air temperature and the dew point compare to one another?

  1. they are equal
  2. air temperature exceeds dew point
  3. dew point exceeds air temperature
  4. there is no consistent relationship

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