Universe Quiz Question with Answer

11. One degree of the circumference of the earth measures (approx)

  1. 100 km
  2. 111 km
  3. 151 km
  4. 175 km

12. Primitive ape appeared in the

  1. Palaeozoic era
  2. Mesozoic era
  3. Cenozoic era
  4. Cretaceaus era

13. Spring tides occur when

  1. The moon is nearest to the earth
  2. The moon is farthest from the earth
  3. The moon, the sun and the earth are right angles with the earth are in the same line.
  4. The moon, the sun and the earth are in the same line.

14. Summer Solstice in the Southern Hemisphere occurs in

  1. 22-Dec
  2. 23-Sep
  3. 21-Jun
  4. 21-Mar

15. The approximate diameter of the earth is

  1. 4,200 km
  2. 6,400 km
  3. 12,800 km
  4. 15, 600 km

16. The average distance from the sun to earth is

  1. 150mkm
  2. 57.8 million km
  3. 227.9 mkm
  4. 778.2 mkm

17. The blue moon phenomenon occurs

  1. When two full moons occur in the same month
  2. When four full moons appear in two consecutive months of the same calendar year
  3. When two full moons appear in the same month thrice in a calendar year
  4. None of the above

18. The difference in the duration of day and night increases as one moves from

  1. West to East
  2. East and west of the prime meridian
  3. Poles to equator
  4. Equator to poles

19. The distance of the earth from the sun is about

  1. 1500 million km.
  2. 300 million km.
  3. 227 million km.
  4. 149 million km.

20. The Earth makes one complete revolution in

  1. 365 days
  2. 360 days
  3. 365 1h days
  4. 1 day

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