Universe Quiz Question with Answer

21. The earth rotate around its axis from

  1. North to south
  2. East to west
  3. South to north
  4. West to east

22. The earth rotates around an axis pointing towards

  1. The moon
  2. The pole star
  3. The sun
  4. Venus

23. The first dinosaurs appeared in the

  1. Permian period
  2. Triassic period
  3. Jurassic period
  4. Cretaceous period

24. The inexhaustible source of energy of the stars is due to

  1. Conversion of Hydrogen to Helium
  2. Conversion of Helium to Hydrogen
  3. Decay of radioactive elements
  4. Excess of oxygen that helps burning and release of energy

25. The largest planet in our solar system is

  1. Mars
  2. Jupiter
  3. Butterfly
  4. Saturn

26. The mean radius of the earth is

  1. 3200 km
  2. 6400 km
  3. 9600 km
  4. 12800 km

27. The nuclear fuel in the sun is

  1. Helium
  2. Uranium
  3. Hydrogen
  4. Oxygen

28. The outermost layer of the Sun is called

  1. Chromosphere
  2. Photosphere
  3. Corona
  4. Lithosphere

29. The permanent tilt of the earths axis and the revolution of the earth its orbit together cause

  1. Day and night
  2. Varying lengths of day and night at different times of the year
  3. Differences in time between place on different meridian.
  4. The deflection of wind.

30. The planet that takes 88 days to make one revolution of the sun is

  1. Mercury
  2. Saturn
  3. Jupiter
  4. Mars

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