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Biomedical Instruments Question with Answer

1. How many conductors are used in ERT?

  1. 12
  2. 14
  3. 16
  4. 10

2. Magnetic bio sensor is wide used for

  1. DNA detection
  2. ECG detection
  3. EMG detection
  4. Blood detection

3. Non contacting type bio sensors are

  1. Electromagnetic type
  2. Radiation or electromagnetic type
  3. None of the mentioned
  4. Radiation type

4. Process of changing resting potential to action potential is known as

  1. Re polarization
  2. Depolarization
  3. Uni polarization
  4. Polarization

5. QCM stands for

  1. Quality control balance
  2. Quartz crystal magnifier
  3. None of the mentioned
  4. Quartz crystal micro balance

6. Quartz can be used as bio sensors.

  1. False Statement
  2. True Statement

7. Resting potential has a magnitude of

  1. -70 mV
  2. 20 mV
  3. -20 mV
  4. 70 mV

8. Resting potential is always negative.

  1. False Statement
  2. True Statement

9. SAW stands for

  1. Surface acoustic wave
  2. Sound activated wave
  3. Surface activated wave
  4. Sound actuated wave

10. Signals generated by body signal is known as

  1. Monitory signal
  2. Magnetic signal
  3. None of the mentioned
  4. Ionic voltage

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