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Biomedical Instruments MCQs questions answers

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Explore the realm of biomedical instruments with our comprehensive collection of multiple-choice questions (MCQs), available both online and in PDF format. Delve into the intricacies of medical devices used for diagnosis, monitoring, and treatment across various healthcare settings. Our MCQs cover a wide range of topics, including electrocardiography (ECG), medical imaging techniques, patient monitoring systems, and laboratory instruments. Whether you're a student studying biomedical engineering, a healthcare professional seeking to expand your knowledge, or an enthusiast curious about medical technology, our questions provide a valuable resource. Each question is meticulously crafted to assess your understanding of key concepts and is accompanied by detailed explanations to facilitate learning. Prepare for exams, enhance your knowledge, or simply satisfy your curiosity about biomedical instrumentation with our MCQs. Start your journey into the fascinating world of biomedical instruments today!

Biomedical Instruments Questions with Answers

1. How many conductors are used in ERT?

2. Magnetic bio sensor is wide used for

3. Non contacting type bio sensors are

4. Process of changing resting potential to action potential is known as

5. QCM stands for

6. Quartz can be used as bio sensors.

7. Resting potential has a magnitude of

8. Resting potential is always negative.

9. SAW stands for

10. Signals generated by body signal is known as

11. Which of the following have higher action potential propagation rate?

12. Which of the following is most preferred?

13. Which of the following is not possible?

14. Which of the following is used as display device to produce permanent record of data?

15. Which of the following is used in tomography?

16. Which of the following represents action potential?

17. Which of the following represents re polarization in action potential wave?

18. Which of the following shows resting potential?

19. Who invented Tomography?

20. A femto farad is equal to

21. Acoustic wave in QCM meets minimum impedance when thickness of device is

22. Action potential is varying over cell.

23. Attenuation rate may vary in fiber optic tomography.

24. BAW stands for

25. Changes in resonant frequency of QCM is proportional to

26. CT stands for

27. Direction of acoustic wave in QCM will be

28. ECT stands for

29. EMT is working on the basis of

30. Fiber optic tomography is used in particle size

31. There has been no commonly used vaccine for


Multiple Choice Questions and Answers on Biomedical Instruments

Biomedical Instruments Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

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