Earthworms MCQs Quiz Multiple Choice Questions & Answers

Earthworms MCQs questions answers

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Discover the fascinating world of earthworms with our extensive collection of multiple-choice questions (MCQs), available online and in PDF format. Dive into the anatomy, physiology, ecology, and behavior of these remarkable creatures that play a vital role in soil health and ecosystem functioning. Whether you're a student studying biology, ecology, or environmental science, or an enthusiast interested in learning more about earthworms, our MCQs offer a comprehensive resource for testing and expanding your knowledge. Each question is thoughtfully crafted to assess your understanding of earthworm biology and ecology, covering topics such as morphology, reproduction, locomotion, feeding habits, and ecological significance. With detailed explanations accompanying each question, you'll gain valuable insights into the world of earthworms and their importance in soil ecology and agriculture. Prepare for exams, deepen your understanding, or satisfy your curiosity about these fascinating creatures with our earthworm MCQs. Start exploring the world beneath our feet today!

Earthworms Questions with Answers

1. Annelids are

2. Body of earthworm is divided into how many similar segments which are called metameres or somites?

3. Chromophil cells in earthworm are concerned with the secretion of

4. Copulation in Earthworm occurs during

5. Earthworm has

6. Earthworm have no skeleton but during burrowing, the anterior end becomes turgid and acts as a hydraulic skeleton .It is due to

7. Earthworm helps farmers by

8. Earthworm is placed in the group of

9. Earthworm possesses hearts

10. In earthworm fertilization occurs in

11. In Earthworm, genital papillae occur in segments

12. In earthworm, ovary is situated in segment

13. Major nitrogenous excertory material of Earthworm by

14. Male genital aperture of earthworms is located in the segment

15. Occurrence of Earthworm in soil is indicated is

16. Region of Earthworm which is forest of nepphridia is

17. Role of typhlosole in the intestine of earthworm is

18. Salivary gland in earthworm is found in

19. The colour of body in earthworm is brown due to presence of

20. The colour of the body in earthworm is brown due to the presence of

21. The first body segment of earthworm is

22. The mode of respiration in earthworm is

23. The nephridia of earthworm without nephrostomes are

24. The parasite found in the seminal vesicle of earthworm

25. The typhlosole in earthworm is related with

26. Which of the following nephridia are not found in earthworm?

27. Which one of the following species of earthworm is not recommended for vermicomposting?


Multiple Choice Questions and Answers on Earthworms

Earthworms Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

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