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Earthworms Question with Answer

1. Annelids are

  1. Radially symmetrical
  2. Externally segmented
  3. Triploblastic
  4. Pseudocoelomate

2. Body of earthworm is divided into how many similar segments which are called metameres or somites?

  1. 60 - 120
  2. 100 - 120
  3. 120 - 140
  4. 120 or more

3. Chromophil cells in earthworm are concerned with the secretion of

  1. Amylase
  2. Protease
  3. Lipases
  4. Coccon

4. Copulation in Earthworm occurs during

  1. Night in water
  2. Night in rainy season
  3. Night in summer season
  4. Day in rainy season

5. Earthworm has

  1. Two eyes
  2. Many eyes
  3. No eyes
  4. One eyes

6. Earthworm have no skeleton but during burrowing, the anterior end becomes turgid and acts as a hydraulic skeleton .It is due to

  1. satae
  2. gut peristalsis
  3. setae
  4. coelomic fluid

7. Earthworm helps farmers by

  1. Destroying harmful bacteria
  2. Destroying harmful and insects
  3. Making soil porous and loose
  4. Both (a) and (b)

8. Earthworm is placed in the group of

  1. Oligochaeta
  2. Polychaeta
  3. Hirudinea
  4. Crustacea

9. Earthworm possesses hearts

  1. 6 pairs
  2. 4 pairs
  3. 2 pairs
  4. 1

10. In earthworm fertilization occurs in

  1. oviduct
  2. water
  3. coon
  4. Ootheca

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