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Vital Signs Quiz Question with Answer

1. Assessing the mechanism of injury or nature of a patients illness is part of which of the following assessments?

  1. Detailed assessment
  2. Focused history and physical examination
  3. Scene size-up
  4. Secondary survey

2. How frequently should vital signs be assessed for the most seriously ill or injured patients in order to properly assess trending components?

  1. Every 2 minutes
  2. Every 5 minutes
  3. Every 10 minutes
  4. Every 15 minutes

3. What is the primary benefit of performing an initial assessment?

  1. It assesses the patients financial status.
  2. It helps to determine and treat life-threatening conditions.
  3. It determines the validity of the call for help.
  4. It establishes the need for additional resources.

4. What scale is used to initially assess a patients mental status?

  1. AVPU scale
  2. Mental scale
  3. Mentation scale
  4. Pain scale

5. Which of the following are considered components of the secondary survey?

  1. Assessment of airway and respiratory effort
  2. General impression, appearance, and work of breathing
  3. Physical exam, SAMPLE history, and vital signs
  4. Vital signs only

6. Which of the following factors would be a reason for identifying the total number of patients at the scene?

  1. It may cause overtime for the local response agency
  2. To determine the need for a chaplain
  3. To determine the need for additional resources
  4. To determine the need for physicians at the scene

7. Which of the following is a component of the three main areas for consideration when forming a general impression?

  1. Age
  2. Appearance
  3. Sex
  4. Weight

8. Which of the following is considered a potential hazard at the scene of a traumatic injury?

  1. Ambient temperature of 80 F
  2. Bystanders
  3. Downed power lines
  4. Patients family

9. Which of the following is the most accurate reason to perform a general impression of the patient?

  1. To determine the age of the patient
  2. To determine the patients ability to pay for treatment
  3. To determine the weight of the patient
  4. To determine whether the patient is stable or unstable

10. Which of the following scenes would be considered safe?

  1. A chemical exposure in a manufacturing facility
  2. An ill patient with possible exposure to carbon monoxide
  3. A medical call inside a residence, with no report of contamination
  4. A traumatic injury secondary to a structural collapse with a trapped patient

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