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Disease Prevention MCQs questions answers

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Discover the essential strategies and principles of disease prevention through our curated collection of multiple-choice questions (MCQs). Covering a wide array of topics including vaccination, hygiene practices, lifestyle modifications, and public health initiatives, our MCQs provide a comprehensive overview of disease prevention methods. Whether you're a student delving into public health studies, a healthcare professional, or an individual keen on safeguarding against diseases, our questions offer valuable insights. Accessible online and downloadable in PDF format, our MCQs serve as a valuable resource for exam preparation, coursework, or enhancing your knowledge of preventive healthcare. Each question is meticulously crafted to evaluate your understanding of key concepts and is accompanied by detailed explanations to facilitate learning. Dive into the realm of disease prevention and fortify your knowledge with our MCQs to contribute to healthier communities and lifestyles.

Disease Prevention Questions with Answers

1. Hypertension is the term used to indicate

2. Insulin regulates

3. Fruit which a diabetic patient can eat freely

4. The source with which Bacteria can not enter into your body

5. What is the name of the disease in Man arising out of Vitamin B1 deficiency

6. Niacin deficiency causes

7. The anti malarial drug quinine is made from which plant

8. Oral Rehydration Therapy is recommended for

9. Scientific term for a disease that causes dizziness is

10. How much time a daily exercise is recommended to help prevent heart diseases

11. Insects that can transmit diseases to human beings are refer as


Multiple Choice Questions and Answers on Disease Prevention

Disease Prevention Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

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