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Worms Quiz Question with Answer

1. All worms are

  1. vertebrates.
  2. invertebrates.
  3. carnivores.
  4. parasites.

2. Earthworms are hermaphrodite and reproduce primarily by

  1. asexually
  2. self fertlization
  3. cross fertilization
  4. none of these

3. Flatworms belong to the phylum named

  1. Cnidaria.
  2. Platyhelminthes.
  3. Annelida.
  4. Nematoda.

4. In earthworm gizzard is found in

  1. 8th segment
  2. 8-13 segment
  3. 8-11 segment
  4. 27 th segment

5. Microvilli of intestine epithelium are similar in function with

  1. hepatic caecae in cockroarch
  2. Malpighian tubules in cockroach
  3. hepatic caecae in cockroarch
  4. typhlosole in earhthworm

6. One of the linked sections that make up the bodies of earthworms is called a .............

  1. setae
  2. polyp
  3. segment
  4. host

7. Planarians, tapeworms, & flukes are examples of

  1. Segmented worms
  2. sponges
  3. flatworms
  4. roundworms

8. Roundworms belong to the phylum named

  1. Nematoda.
  2. Porifera.
  3. Platyhelminthes.
  4. Annelida.

9. Segmented worms belong to the phylum named

  1. Annelida.
  2. Nematoda.
  3. Porifera.
  4. Platyhelminthes.

10. Segmented worms have a(n) .................circulatory system in which blood moves in tubes.

  1. closed
  2. open
  3. mutated
  4. voluntary

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