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Heart and Circulatory System Quiz Question with Answer

1. Circulation and regulation of the heartbeat during high blood pressure is controlled by

  1. Vasoconstrictor and cardio-stimulatory centre
  2. Vasoconstrictor and vasodialtor centres
  3. cardio-inhibitory and vasodialator centre
  4. cardio-inhibitory and vasoconstrictor centre

2. How many chambers does the heart have?

  1. Six
  2. Five
  3. Four
  4. Three

3. How much exercise is recommended to help prevent heart disease?

  1. 10 to 15 minutes on average
  2. 20 minutes on average
  3. 90 minutes on average
  4. 40 minutes on average

4. In the adult the heart weighs between:

  1. 250and 500 grammes.
  2. 300 and 400 grammes.
  3. 230 and 340 grammes.
  4. 30 and 40 grammes.

5. The atria are the upstairs chambers of the heart and these parts are the downstairs chambers:

  1. Valves
  2. Ventricles
  3. Blood
  4. Candy hearts

6. The beating sound your heart makes comes from:

  1. Blood going in the wrong direction
  2. Valves closing
  3. The heart skipping beats
  4. Your ears playing tricks on you

7. The cardiac cycle is:

  1. Ten heart beats where the heart is relaxed whilst filling and then contracts.
  2. One heart beat where the heart is contracting whilst filling and then dilates.
  3. One heart beat where the heart is relaxed whilst filling and then contracts.
  4. Seventy heart beats where the heart is relaxed whilst filling and then contracts.

8. The ECG is a graphic record of

  1. A measure of cardiac output.
  2. The hearts activity.
  3. Brain activity.
  4. Renal function.

9. The heart, is a muscular pump, beating an average of:

  1. 100 times per minute.
  2. 70 times per minute.
  3. 50 times per minute.
  4. 70 times per second

10. The movement of blood through the heart and body is called:

  1. Circulation
  2. Locomotion
  3. Ventriculation
  4. Heart pump

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