Mexican American War Quiz Question with Answer

11. What was the immediate reason for the U.S. declaration of war?

  1. Mexican forces attacked Americans in disputed territory between the Nueces River and the Rio Grande
  2. The massacre of the defenders of the Alamo
  3. The sinking of the battleship Maine in Veracruz Harbor
  4. The deposition and execution of Mexican emperor Maximilian I

12. What was the land gained by the United States in the Mexican-American War called?

  1. Mexican Cession
  2. Confederation
  3. Louisiana Purchase
  4. Southwest Confederacy

13. What was the Mormon Battalions most significant military action during the war?

  1. Repulsed a flanking counterattack, preventing a rout at the battle of Churubusco
  2. Fought off a herd of wild cattle on the San Pedro River in Arizona
  3. Seized a bridge at Chapultepec before it could be destroyed by withdrawing Mexican forces
  4. Carried out the first amphibious invasion of the war at Veracruz

14. What was the object of the Wilmot Proviso?

  1. To establish English as the official language in all territory seized from Mexico
  2. To require an oath of allegiance from all persons living in territory seized from Mexico
  3. To ban slavery in territory seized from Mexico
  4. To require Mexico to pay for a wall along the border

15. What was the treaty that ended the war?

  1. Treaty of Tlatelolco
  2. Treaty of Ghent
  3. Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo
  4. Peace of Westphalia

16. When was the Mexican-American war fought?

  1. 1846 to 1848
  2. 1802 to 1804
  3. 1865 to 1871
  4. 1812 to 1814

17. Which city remained a Mexican possession after the end of the war?

  1. Tucson
  2. Corpus Christi
  3. Albuquerque
  4. San Diego

18. Which future U.S. president did not fight in the war?

  1. Millard Fillmore
  2. Zachary Taylor
  3. Ulysses S. Grant
  4. Franklin Pierce

19. Which of these best describes the U.S. political parties stances on the war?

  1. Supported by Democrats, opposed by Whigs
  2. Supported by Whigs, opposed by Democrats
  3. Supported by Whigs and southern Democrats; opposed by northern Democrats
  4. Supported by Democrats and northern Whigs; opposed by southern Whigs

20. Who commanded the U.S. forces that captured Monterrey?

  1. Winfield Scott
  2. Zebulon Pike
  3. Albert Sidney Johnston
  4. Zachary Taylor

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