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Massachusetts Trivia Questions and Answers

Massachusetts Questions with Answers

1. What is the official state nickname of Massachusetts?

2. Massachusetts became a state in the Union in which year?

3. Which major river flows through Massachusetts, dividing the state into two distinct regions?

4. What is the capital city of Massachusetts?

5. The historic Freedom Trail, a 2.5-mile-long path, passes through many significant sites in which Massachusetts city?

6. What is the official state bird of Massachusetts, known for its distinctive red plumage?

7. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) is located in which city known for its academic and technological innovation?

8. Which Cape, a popular summer destination, is located off the southeastern coast of Massachusetts?

9. What is the official state flower of Massachusetts, a fragrant and often pink-blossomed plant?

10. The Boston Red Sox, a legendary baseball team, play their home games at which iconic stadium?

11. Which Massachusetts author wrote the famous novel "Little Women"?

12. What is the official state cookie of Massachusetts, often associated with a popular American pastime?

13. The Boston Tea Party, a significant event leading to the American Revolution, took place in the harbor of which Massachusetts city?

14. Which Massachusetts island, known for its gingerbread-style houses and colorful cottages, is a popular tourist destination?

15. What is the official state tree of Massachusetts, recognized for its tall and straight trunk?

16. The Boston Marathon, one of the oldest annual marathons, is held on which holiday in Massachusetts?

17. Which American president, born in Massachusetts, served two non-consecutive terms and is known for his Progressive Era reforms?

18. What is the official state fish of Massachusetts, commonly found in its coastal waters?

19. Which Massachusetts city is home to the Basketball Hall of Fame, honoring the sport's greatest players and contributors?

20. What is the official state dog of Massachusetts, known for its friendly and sociable nature?

21. Which Massachusetts town is famous for its witch trials in 1692, a dark chapter in American colonial history?

22. The Old North Church, famous for its role in the American Revolution, is located in which Boston neighborhood?

23. What is the official state marine mammal of Massachusetts, often spotted in its coastal waters?

24. Which river, flowing through western Massachusetts, is a major tributary of the Connecticut River?

25. What is the official state rock of Massachusetts, a metamorphic rock with a distinctive pattern?


Multiple Choice Questions and Answers on Massachusetts

Massachusetts Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

Massachusetts Trivia Quiz

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