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Indiana Trivia Questions and Answers

Indiana Questions with Answers

1. What is the official state nickname of Indiana?

2. Indiana became a state in the Union in which year?

3. Which river forms the southern border of Indiana, separating it from Kentucky?

4. What is the capital city of Indiana?

5. The Indianapolis Motor Speedway, home of the Indianapolis 500, is also known as:

6. The "Soldiers' and Sailors' Monument," a prominent landmark in Indianapolis, honors those who served in which war?

7. What is the official state bird of Indiana, recognized for its bright red plumage?

8. The Indiana University Bloomington campus is known for its iconic Sample Gates and is part of which university system?

9. Which automobile race, held annually in Indianapolis, is considered one of the Triple Crown of Motorsport?

10. What is the official state flower of Indiana, symbolizing the state's nickname "The Hoosier State"?

11. The Indiana Dunes National Park, along the southern shore of Lake Michigan, is known for its:

12. Larry Bird, a basketball legend, played the majority of his career with which NBA team?

13. Which Native American tribe has historical connections to Indiana and is known for their contributions to the region's fur trade?

14. The "Indianapolis 500" is traditionally held on which day of the year?

15. Which lake, located in northern Indiana, is the deepest natural lake in the state and a popular recreation spot?

16. What is the official state tree of Indiana, known for its straight trunk and distinctive leaves?

17. The city of French Lick, Indiana, is known for its historic resorts and mineral springs. It was a favorite vacation spot for which famous person?

18. Which sport, particularly popular in Indiana, involves throwing a metal or wooden object towards a target on a grass court?

19. What is the official state pie of Indiana, often enjoyed during the Thanksgiving holiday?

20. The Covered Bridge Festival, held annually in Parke County, Indiana, celebrates the historic covered bridges. How many covered bridges are there in Parke County?

21. The "Milan Miracle" refers to an underdog high school basketball team from Indiana that won the state championship. What movie was inspired by this true story?

22. What is the official state reptile of Indiana, known for its ability to produce a strong-smelling fluid as a defense mechanism?

23. Which famous American poet, known for his humorous and whimsical verses, was born in Warsaw, Indiana?

24. The "Little 500," a famous collegiate bicycle race, takes place at which university in Indiana?

25. The Hoosier National Forest, one of the largest public lands in Indiana, spans across how many counties in the state?


Multiple Choice Questions and Answers on Indiana

Indiana Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

Indiana Trivia Quiz

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