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Idaho Trivia Questions and Answers

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1. What is the official state nickname of Idaho?

2. Idaho became a state in the Union in which year?

3. Which river flows through Hell's Canyon, the deepest canyon in North America, and forms part of the border between Idaho and Oregon?

4. What is the capital city of Idaho?

5. Shoshone Falls, often referred to as the "Niagara of the West," is located on which river in Idaho?

6. Which famous explorer, known for the Lewis and Clark Expedition, passed through what is now Idaho in the early 19th century?

7. What is the official state bird of Idaho, known for its distinctive white and black plumage?

8. The Sun Valley Resort in Idaho is renowned for which recreational activity?

9. Which scenic byway in Idaho traverses the state's northern panhandle and is known for its picturesque lakes and forests?

10. Idaho is famous for its production of which crop, earning it the nickname "The Potato State"?

11. What is the state flower of Idaho, recognized for its vibrant blue petals?

12. Craters of the Moon National Monument and Preserve in Idaho is known for its volcanic landscape. What type of volcanic features are found there?

13. The Idaho State Capitol building in Boise is notable for its architecture and is designed in which style?

14. Which Native American tribe has historical connections to Idaho and is known for its fishing traditions in the Columbia River basin?

15. The town of Wallace, Idaho, is famous for being the center of the world's only:

16. Which lake, known for its pristine blue waters, is the largest natural lake in Idaho?

17. The College of Idaho, established in 1891, is the oldest private liberal arts college in the state and is located in which city?

18. Which sport, particularly popular in Idaho, involves sliding down snowy hills on a sled or tube?

19. What is the official state tree of Idaho, commonly found in its mountainous regions?

20. Which canyon, deeper than the Grand Canyon, is located in western Idaho and is carved by the Snake River?

21. The Idaho Potato Drop, a New Year's Eve tradition, involves lowering a giant potato in which city?

22. What is the state gem of Idaho, known for its star-like pattern when cut and polished?

23. Which ski resort in Idaho is often referred to as the "American Alps" and is known for its challenging slopes?

24. The Idaho Shakespeare Festival, held in an outdoor amphitheater, takes place in which city?

25. Which national recreation area in Idaho, known for its extensive lava flows, is named after a large, dark volcanic rock?


Multiple Choice Questions and Answers on Idaho

Idaho Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

Idaho Trivia Quiz

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