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Vermont Trivia Questions and Answers

Vermont Questions with Answers

1. What is the official state nickname of Vermont?

2. Vermont became a state in the Union in which year?

3. Lake Champlain, a large freshwater lake, forms part of Vermont's western border with which state?

4. What is the official state bird of Vermont, known for its cheerful song and vibrant plumage?

5. The capital city of Vermont is named after which U.S. president?

6. What is the official state tree of Vermont, known for its vibrant autumn foliage?

7. The Vermont Catamounts are a collegiate sports team associated with which university?

8. Which iconic ice cream company was founded in Vermont in 1978?

9. The Green Mountain National Forest covers a significant portion of Vermont. In which region is it located?

10. What is the official state mammal of Vermont, known for its elusive nature and antlered males?

11. The Vermont State House, an iconic gold-domed building, is located in which city?

12. Which river, known for its scenic beauty, runs through the town of Woodstock in Vermont?

13. What is the official state amphibian of Vermont, often found in the state's ponds and wetlands?

14. The Vermont Teddy Bear Company, a popular teddy bear manufacturer, is headquartered in which town?

15. Which mountain, the highest peak in Vermont, is part of the Green Mountains?

16. What is the official state fish of Vermont, a popular catch in the state's lakes and rivers?

17. The Vermont Maple Festival is held annually in which town, known for its maple syrup production?

18. What is the official state rock of Vermont, often used in construction and monuments?

19. Which lake, one of the largest in New England, lies partially in Vermont and is popular for boating and fishing?

20. What is the official state butterfly of Vermont, known for its bright orange and black wings?

21. The Bread and Puppet Theater, known for its politically charged performances, is located in which Vermont town?

22. What is the official state gem of Vermont, a variety of the mineral grossular garnet?

23. Which Vermont city is home to the University of Vermont, one of the state's major universities?

24. The Long Trail, a hiking trail that runs the length of Vermont, is often associated with which mountain range?

25. What is the official state fossil of Vermont, representing the state's rich history of prehistoric marine life?


Multiple Choice Questions and Answers on Vermont

Vermont Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

Vermont Trivia Quiz

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