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Delve into the rich history and diverse culture of the Old Line State with our curated collection of trivia questions and answers on Maryland. Whether you're enchanted by the historic streets of Annapolis, captivated by the natural beauty of the Chesapeake Bay, or simply eager to learn more about this pivotal state, our repository offers a wealth of insights. Explore topics such as Maryland's role in American colonial history, its contributions to the nation's maritime heritage, and the unique cultural tapestry woven by its diverse population. Each trivia question is meticulously crafted to test your knowledge and spark your curiosity about the fascinating history and culture of Maryland. From uncovering the tales of early settlers and Native American tribes to learning about the state's influence on politics, education, and the arts, our trivia provides a comprehensive exploration of the Old Line State's allure.

Maryland Questions with Answers

1. The Maryland Blue Crabs are a staple of the state's seafood industry. In what body of water are they primarily harvested?

2. Which Maryland city is known for its historic district, cobblestone streets, and horse-drawn carriage tours?

3. What is the official state reptile of Maryland, often found in the Chesapeake Bay and its tributaries?

4. The Maryland Science Center, the National Aquarium, and Camden Yards are popular attractions in which city?

5. Which African American abolitionist and former slave, known for her work on the Underground Railroad, was born in Maryland?

6. What is the official state cat of Maryland, known for its distinctive spots and coat pattern?

7. The Black-Eyed Susan Stakes is a prestigious horse race held annually at which Maryland racetrack?

8. Which bay bridge, connecting Maryland's Eastern Shore to the western shore, is one of the longest continuous over-water steel structures in the world?

9. What is the official state dessert of Maryland, a layered cake combining chocolate and vanilla flavors?

10. Which river, flowing through western Maryland, is a major tributary of the Potomac River?

11. Which Maryland city is known for its annual Preakness Stakes, one of the Triple Crown horse races?

12. What is the official state crustacean of Maryland, representing the Chesapeake Bay ecosystem?

13. Which influential American poet and writer, known for his works such as "The Raven," lived and died in Baltimore, Maryland?

14. The C&O Canal, a historic waterway, runs alongside which river in western Maryland?

15. What is the official state sport of Maryland, reflecting the state's maritime heritage?

16. Which Maryland state park, known for its waterfall and hiking trails, is located in the western part of the state?

17. What is the official state nickname of Maryland?

18. Maryland became a state in the Union in which year?

19. Which bay, the largest estuary in the United States, borders Maryland to the east?

20. What is the capital city of Maryland?

21. The Inner Harbor, a historic seaport, is located in which Maryland city?

22. What is the official state bird of Maryland, known for its bright orange and black plumage?

23. The United States Naval Academy is located in which Maryland city?

24. Which Chesapeake Bay island, accessible by ferry, is known for its picturesque village and wild ponies?

25. What is the official state flower of Maryland, chosen for its vibrant purple color?


Multiple Choice Questions and Answers on Maryland

Maryland Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

Maryland Trivia Quiz

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