Evolution Quiz Question with Answer

21. Piltdown man is

  1. Hemo habilis
  2. Eoanthropus
  3. Homo-sapiens
  4. Pithecanthropine

22. Human being belongs to the species of

  1. Homo erectus
  2. Homo habillis
  3. Homo-sapiens
  4. Hominidae

23. An important evidence in favour of organic evolution is the occurence of

  1. homologous and analogous organs
  2. homologous and vestigial organs
  3. analogous and vestigial organs
  4. homologous organs only

24. Alternative forms of a gene are called

  1. loci
  2. multiples
  3. Chromosomes
  4. Alleles

25. Retrogressive evolution is shown by

  1. man
  2. birds
  3. tunicates
  4. fish

26. The most recent in human evolution is

  1. mesolithic
  2. neolithic
  3. upper palaeolithic
  4. middle palaeolithic

27. Which of the following are kingdoms?

  1. Monera
  2. Protista
  3. Animalae
  4. All of the above

28. The first organism to be found on a bare rock is a (an)

  1. moss
  2. alga
  3. lichen
  4. fern

29. The first man to use fire was

  1. neanderthal man
  2. Homo erectus
  3. cro-magnon man
  4. Australopithecus

30. According to abiogenesis life originate from

  1. non-living matter
  2. pre-exiting life
  3. chemicals
  4. extra-terrestrial matter

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