Environmental Studies Quiz Question with Answer

31. 21st March is observed as

  1. World forest day
  2. World environment day
  3. World wildlife day
  4. World population day

32. 71% of earth surface is covered with:

  1. land
  2. air
  3. water
  4. coal

33. According to Thomas Malthus human population increase in

  1. arithmetic ratio
  2. geometric ratio
  3. exponension ratio
  4. all above

34. Afforestation is necessary for

  1. Soil conservation
  2. Soil erosion
  3. Well control
  4. Low humidity

35. Air pollution is caused by

  1. Insecticides
  2. Sewage
  3. Smoke
  4. Loud speakers

36. Atmosphere may extents to a height of about following kms above the earth surface

  1. 80 km
  2. 8000 km
  3. 800 km
  4. 8 km

37. Atomospheric ozone layer which protect us from UV-B & C is getting depleted most by addition of

  1. Chloro flurocarbon
  2. Carbon monooxide
  3. Carbon dioxide
  4. Sulpur dioxide

38. Chipko movement was started to conserve

  1. Forests
  2. Grasslands
  3. Deserts
  4. Soil

39. Consumers are also called

  1. Photoautotrophs
  2. Saprotrophs
  3. Heterotrophs
  4. Reducers

40. Conversion of ammonia to nitrite and then nitrate is called

  1. Nitrogen fixation
  2. De nitrification
  3. Nitrification
  4. Ammonification

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