Alaska Trivia Questions with Answers

11. Alaska is known for its significant earthquake activity. In 1964, the strongest recorded earthquake in North America occurred in which Alaskan city?

  1. Anchorage
  2. Fairbanks
  3. Juneau
  4. Valdez

12. What is the traditional Alaskan Native dish made from fermented fish or seafood?

  1. Bannock
  2. Muktuk
  3. Lutefisk
  4. Sourdough Pancakes

13. Which ocean surrounds Alaska to the south and southwest?

  1. Atlantic Ocean
  2. Indian Ocean
  3. Pacific Ocean
  4. Arctic Ocean

14. The Inside Passage, known for its stunning scenery and wildlife, is a popular route for:

  1. Hiking
  2. Road trips
  3. Cruise ships
  4. Dog sledding

15. Which ancient native art form, involving intricate designs and storytelling, is commonly found in Alaskan Native cultures?

  1. Origami
  2. Ikebana
  3. Totem carving
  4. Henna

16. Alaska is home to the largest national forest in the United States. What is it called?

  1. Olympic National Forest
  2. Tongass National Forest
  3. Chugach National Forest
  4. Sitka National Forest

17. Which river in Alaska is one of the longest and is known for its significant salmon runs?

  1. Yukon River
  2. Tanana River
  3. Copper River
  4. Kenai River

18. What is the phenomenon called when colorful lights, known as the Northern Lights, dance in the sky near the North Pole?

  1. Polar Twilight
  2. Aurora Borealis
  3. Midnight Sun
  4. Ice Fog

19. In 1959, Alaska became the...............state of the United States.

  1. 47th
  2. 49th
  3. 50th
  4. 51st

20. Which strait separates Alaska from Russia?

  1. Bering Strait
  2. Davis Strait
  3. Denmark Strait
  4. Hudson Strait

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