Tennis Quiz Question with Answer

21. If a ball touches the line, it is regarded as touching the court bounded by that line.

  1. True Statement
  2. Flase Statement

22. If a player hits a ball on the opponents court, but it is unclear as to which ball was hit, what would be the call?

  1. There should be a let called
  2. The person show hit the ball should win the point
  3. The person who hit the ball should lose the point

23. If a player swings at a ball in play and misses it, and the ball flies out of bounds before touching the surface, the player loses the point

  1. True Statement
  2. False Statement
  3. Both a and b are correct
  4. none of these

24. If a players racquet passes over the net after hitting the ball on the players own side of the net and the ball hits the groun in the correct court, the ball is deemed good.

  1. True Statement
  2. Flase Statement

25. If a point is played starting on the wrong side of the court (adv. Vs. deuce) side, the point is lost by your opponent, and then your opponent realizes that the point was played on the wrong side. Your opponent tells you that a let should be played since the point was played on the wrong side. What is the call?

  1. Your opponent is right, a let should be played on the correct side of the court
  2. You play the rest of the game on the wrong side according to the score
  3. Your opponent is wrong and the entire service game starts completely over
  4. Your opponent is wrong, the point stands and the game continues on the correct side of the court according to the score

26. If a server should break a string during a first serve that was a fault and he must go to the bench to get another racquet, is he entitled to a let and allowed to serve his first serve again?

  1. Yes
  2. No

27. If a spectator calls a ball out during the point, what is the call?

  1. A hindrance and the point is replayed
  2. A hindrance and the point is lost by the player whose fan made the hindrance
  3. No hindrance can be called

28. If the ball is hit around the outside of the net post and lands in the court what is the ruling?

  1. You lose the point for cheating
  2. Ball is out and not played
  3. Balls is in and is played
  4. Considered a let and point is replayed

29. If the server is interrupted during the delivery of the second serve, how many serves is the server entitled to?

  1. One serve
  2. Two serves

30. If you cannot tell whether or not a shot was in, the point is

  1. replayed
  2. called in
  3. called out

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